Water Meters Available From Metex Corporation

Carlon Meter

Carlon Meter is known for high quality and long lasting potable water meters.

Carlon Meter offers positive displacement (piston), multi-jet and turbine meters for potable cold and hot water from 1/2in to 8in pipe in stock with larger meter sizes available. Most water meters come with connections or flanges unless specified differently by the customer.

Carlon Meters

JSJ Industrial Meters

JSJ Industrial Meter

Contacting industrial meters measure the water and provide a switch closure each time the pre-set amount of water passes through the meter.

STD Industrial Series Meters

Carlon, STD, Positive, Displacement, Water Meters

Carlon STD positive displacement water meters are best in class when it comes to accuracy, and ease of maintenance.

JLP Engineered Plastic Series Meters

JLP Plastic Water Meter

When long meter life and light weight are needed in a totalizing water meter, Carlon's JLP series meters are what you need.

Cold Water Turbine Meter

Cold Water Turbine Water Meter

Our cold water turbine meters are "in stock" in sizes from 2" to 8" and larger sizes up to 16" are available.

Hot Water Turbine Meter

Hot Water Turbine Water Meter

Carlon offers temperature ratings for its hot water turbine meters at 248ºF. These turbine meters provide +/- 2% accuracy at flow rates from 1 GPM all the way up to 2,500 GPM.




Carlon, Programmable, Timer, Controls

Carlon Programmable Timer Controls have wide applications. Timers control the length of the signal needed to operate chemical feed pumps, ...

Chemical Feed

Timer Control

The Carlon Programmable Pump Control is suitable for all types of applications where the feeding of chemicals in proportion to water use is desired.

Batch Controls

Carlon, Batch, Controller

The Carlon Batch Controller provides a means for automatically measuring the amount of water desired for a batch, and an actuating signal....

PP101 Power Pack

Carlon, Meter, Power, Pack, 101

The Carlon Meter Power Pack 101 provides a means to have separate, independent circuits signaled from the output pulse signal of a dry...


Carlon Car Logger, Carlon, Car, Logger, Water, Meters

The versatile CAR-LOGGER is designed to receive an input signal from a Carlon meter to provide a "real time" flow rate signal as well as the total volume...

Valves & Strainers

Carlon, Valves, solenoid valves, Strainers, Y-Type Strainers

Carlon has a line of two-way zero pressure differential slow closing solenoid valves available in 1/2"-2" with larger sizes available upon request.


Residential/Commercial Meters:

JL/JLR Water Meters

Carlon, JL, JLR, Water, Meters, positive displacement meters

The Residential & Commercial meter is available in sizes from 1/2" to 2" and operates at flow rates from 1/4 to 160 GPM and pressures of 150 psi.


Carlon MJL Water Meter

The MJL meter is available in sizes from 1/2" to 2' and operates at flow rates up to 130 GPM and pressures of 150 psi.


Hydrometer Water Meters

Hydrometer has stood for advanced measuring equipment technology since 1862. Single-jet meters, multi-jet meters and bulk water meters in the water measuring equipment business unit.

Domestic water meters and measuring capsules in the domestic measuring equipment business unit.
Mechanical meters, ultrasonic meters and magnetic inductive meters in the heat measuring equipment business unit.

Cold Water Meters

Totalizing Water Meters Corona 101


Domestic water meter 1/2" to 2". Extremely low pressure loss and considerably extended measuring range. Records very small amounts of...

Woltman (Wesan)
Water Meter


The bulk water meter 2" to 10" WESAN WP can be used for measuring the flow (cold water up to 30 °C) in supply lines with high flow at low...

Corona Contact Head
Water Meter 423


3/4" to 2" Multi-jet impeller meter with pulse output contact for control, metering or remote display of flow rate. Maximum long-term accuracy...

Dry Contact Water Meters Corona 405


3/4" to 2" Contact water meter for proportional control of pumps, motors, etc. and for remote transmission of flow rates....

Hot Water Meters

RAY FS MT Horizontal Flow Sensor


Volume measuring component for measuring heat for billing hot water
(up to 120°C) consumption....

RAY FS MT Vertical
Flow Sensor

Volume measuring component for measuring heat for billing hot water
(up to 120°C) consumption...

RAY FS WP 456/457
Flow Sensor

Volume measuring component for measuring heat for billing hot water
(up to 120°C) consumption...

RAY FS WS 453/455
Flow Sensor

Volume measuring component for measuring heat for billing hot water
(up to 120°C) consumption...