Water Treatment Accessories Available At Metex Corporation

  • Lakewood Instruments

    Lakewood Instruments manufactures reliable, durable and easy to use chemical water treatment controllers that measure the pH, ORP and Conductivity of water. Lakewood Instruments controllers are used in many different applications from cooling towers to boilers to waste water and process applications.

  • Metex Corporation

    Metex Corporation has Chemical Pump Timers, Boiler Blowdown Controller and Foam Level Detectors.

  • Regal Chlorinators

    Used world-wide for municipal water treatment and wastewater treatment, REGAL products have a wide range of industrial, commercial and agricultural applications, and allow the use of chlorine gas, which is the most economical method of disinfection, without sacrificing safety or reliability.

  • UV Pure

    UV Pure markets three product lines of UV water filters. Hallett, Upstream and Cactus, each with UV Pure’s patented Crossfire Technology®, dramatically advantaged compared to conventional UV systems.

    UV Pure®’s disinfection systems are field proven in over 12,000 applications treating wastewater, reuse and rainwater, and drinking water, in a variety of solutions up to 1 MGD (3785 m³/day) – Municipal and Institutional, Industrial and Commercial, Transportation, and Residential.