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EX80 Series Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meters

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EX80 Series Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meters

EX80 series insertion electromagnetic flow meters are designed for use with conductive liquids in 1 to 12” pipe. A choice of materials (stainless steel, brass, and PVC) allows the meter to adapt to a range of temperature, pressure, and corrosive environments. Conductivity values of 20 ìS/cm are sufficient to enable the magmeter to operate which makes it suitable for all but the ultrapure environment.

The EX80 is highly suitable for difficult applications with changing viscosities and pulsating flows, such as air-driven diaphragm pumps. With no moving parts, these meters can be used in “dirty” applications where debris would foul a mechanical meter. Like all meters, when used in chemical injection applications, they should be installed upstream of the chemical line (or far enough downstream to allow complete mixing of fluids before the meter). Designed for modularity and versatility, the EX80-Series has a current-sinking pulse output that can be combined with the Shark controller or Shark TX transmitter for the application. When used with the Shark the output signal can be fed direct, with no other conditioning required.

EX80 series fixed depth insertion meters require special fittings. Factory installation in the fitting ensures correct depth placement in the pipe. The EX80 series meter can be ordered in a low power model that can run on an external battery with solar panel. A hot tap version, reverse flow output and immersibility are all available.


  • Low-flow performance and accuracy superior to any mechanical flow sensor

  • No moving parts to wear out

  • Dedicated fittings for simplicity

  • Retainer clip automatically sets correct depth

  • Meter extends only about 1/8 of pipe diameter, minimizing potential for clogging with debris

  • Easy to install and easy to maintain


  • Waste water flow accumulation

  • Water Treatment systems

  • Irrigation

  • Chemical Mixing

  • Process cooling systems

  • Neutralizaton Systems

  • Process flow control

  • Filtration systems

EX80 Series Datasheet




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