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pH and ORP Probes






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P/R60C-6 Variable Insertion, Differential pH/ORP Sensors

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P/R60C-6 Variable Insertion, Differential pH/ORP Sensors

The 60 series pH and ORP probes are dependable industrial grade sensors designed to provide accurate measurement and longer service life under the most demanding conditions. The P60C-6 pH probes and R60C-6 ORP probes incorporate all the benefits of differential measurement found in other models of the 60 series, field proven in thousands of installations. This technique uses two glass electrodes to make the measurement differentially with respect to a third metal electrode.
This second electrode is protected from the process by a double junction replaceable salt bridge. The resulting true differential measurement has several advantages over conventional probes: ground loop problems are virtually eliminated, and the salt bridge is easily replaced. If the internal solution becomes contaminated, the probe can be rejuvenated at modest cost by replacing the salt bridge and reference solution. Automatic temperature compensation is accomplished through the use of an embedded thermistor inside the tip of the ground rod. This thermistor placement provides rapid response for process temperature variations. This unique probe mounts in a standard 1 1/4” NPT tee, or in a tank, through a specially designed CPVC compression fitting. This technology provides several important advantages: the probe enters straight into the fitting eliminating twisting of the cable; the pipe size is only 1 1/4” NPT; the insertion length is variable between 7/8” and 5”; one model is used for both flow-through and submersion tank-mount.

Installation does not require a pipe wrench, strap wrench or thread sealant on the probe. This helps to reduce down time for calibration. The P/R60C-6 may be ordered with a flat face electrode which fouls less frequently and is easily cleaned.

The encapsulated preamplifier provides an output signal which can be transmitted 3000 feet over inexpensive cable. For greater distances, see the P65C data sheet for the probe that encapsulates a blind 4-20 mA two-wire transmitter which can transmit a virtually unlimited distance over a twist.


  • Now with larger electrode and ground rod for better signal-to-noise and faster response

  • 1.25" NPT CPVC compression fitting

  • Accurate differential measurement

  • Eliminates ground loop interference

  • Built-in pre-amp supports up to 3,000' sensor-to-analyzer distance

  • 15 ft. (5m) standard cable length

  • Replaceable saltbridge for extended service life

  • Flow-thru or submersible mounting

  • With temperature compensation device

  • Extended body option available for ball valve assembly (P/R60C-7)

  • 2 year warranty


  • Process Control

  • Industrial and Municipal Water Treatment

  • Industrial and Municipal Waste Treatment and Neutralization

  • Fume Scrubbers, Circuit Board Manufacturing, Plating, Food and Beverage, Chemical Processing, Pulp and Paper, Mining, Power Generation, Pharmaceuticals

PR60C6 & 7 Datasheet
Submersion Mounting Hardware
Hot/Wet Tap Ball Valve Assembly
Probe Protector
PR60 Series pH/ORP Probe Manual



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