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AquaMetrix Flow and Analytical Instrumentation

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AquaMetrix products have served the wastewater market for more than five decades. The company has grown into a worldwide maker of water quality instrumentation that is known for working in environments where nothing else works. Its products are mainstays in industries such as industrial wastewater, HVAC, aquaculture, food-and-beverage and municipal wastewater.

The AquaMetrix differential pH and ORP sensors are found in the most hostile applications. Where other sensors typically last months, the 60-series sensors last years. AquaMetrix makes a wide selection of conductivity sensors, more than any of our competitors. Our contacting and toroidal sensors measure everything from ultra-pure water to brine. We offer both clark and optical dissolved oxygen sensors as well as turbidity and level.

The 2300 is truly unique in the entire process control industry. It provides the power of PLC systems at a fraction of the cost of a SCADA system. It boasts 100% web connectivity, inputs for 4 analog sensors and 3 flow sensors, data logging, 4 relays, and email alerts. The new 2250 controller is the third generation multi-parameter, single input controller. It is so easy to use that the manual is superfluous.

Aquametrix Products

Controllers and Transmitters

AquaMetrix has been making controllers and transmitters for over four decades. The 2200 controllers for pH, ORP, conductivity and flow put the AquaMetrix name on the map due to their ruggedness and simplicity. The Shark controller and Shark TX transmitter replaced all four 2200 models with one multi-parameter, single-input analyzer. After 10 years of a stellar track record the Shark and Shark TX have been replaced by the AM-2250 and AM-2250TX. With greater measurement accuracy and features that you actually need these two new models will set a new standard for durability and ease of use for the next decade.

The AM-2300 multi-parameter, multi-input controller is the first and only web-enabled analyzer that brings SCADA functionality to a small package that anyone can configure and use. One day all controllers will work like it.

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pH/ORP Sensors

There are hundreds of pH and ORP (redox) sensors in the marketplace. Only a few use differential technology. And only one is the legendary Aquametrix sensor. For three decades Aquametrix differential sensors have set the standard for durability, longevity and precision. These sensors may cost more up front, but in very aggressive processes, they will end up saving money over the years.

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Conductivity Sensors

A conductivity system is only as good as the sensor or cell which provides the signal to the analyzer or controller. Water Analytics Inc., with many years of experience in the measurement of conductivity, manufactures a wide variety of conductivity sensors to satisfy any industrial, power plant or laboratory application. In addition to the standard line, all types are available for high temperature applications.

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Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

AquaMetrix has been making dissolved oxygen sensors for the five decades it has been in business. The 2200D analyzer and P91 sensor are Clark (membrane) based electrochemical systems and are proven in hundreds of wastewater treatment plants around the world. It is still the sensor technology of choice in Asia and much of Europe.

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AM-FCL Free Chlorine Sensor

The AM-FCL is a very compact free chlorine sensor. It operates on membrane-based amperometric technology, which provides the most trouble-free operation of all reagent-free methods. The sensor outputs a direct 4-20 mA signal so you can use a PLC or the AquaMetrix 2300 Controller. The signal is temperature compensated. Simply insert the probe’s two wires into your 4-20 loop and you’re good to go. If you combine the output of the AM-FCL with that of an Aquametrix 4-20 mA output sensor and your PLC or AquaMetrix 2300 Controller can be easily programmed to perform automatic pH compensation.

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AM-TBR Turbidity Sensor

For very precise measures and low Turbidity values, as required by most drinking water application, we suggest to install the probe in the flow cell. The cell is equipped with a flow regulator to avoid air bubbles, which can come from grab samples under pressure. Cleaning the cell is extremely simple, and it can also be used for calibrations with Formazine. Sensors can also be installed in pipes, and special adapters and Tee assembly.

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Liquid Level Controller

AquaMetrix manufactures four models of liquid level controllers to satisfy most industrial applications. These controllers operate on the principle of electrolytic conductivity in liquids. A built-in sensitivity adjustment permits field tuning the instrument so that one model is suitable for most conductivity liquids. For instance the LL4 or LL7 may be adjusted to respond to either foam or liquid. Some controllers may be as far as 300 meters from the electrodes, and connections are made with unshielded cable.

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Discontinued Products

Discontinued products from AquaMetrix.

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