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Dissolved Oxygen Sensors from Aquametrix

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AquaMetrix has been making dissolved oxygen sensors for the five decades it has been in business. The 2200D analyzer and P91 sensor are Clark (membrane) based electrochemical systems and are proven in hundreds of wastewater treatment plants around the world. It is still the sensor technology of choice in Asia and much of Europe.

The newer optically based probe is a new addition to the AquaMetrix product line. it’s made for us by the world leader in biopharmaceutical sensors and provides both 4-20 mA analog and Modbus digital outputs.

Dissolved Oxygen Sensors from Aquametrix

AM-ODO Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

AquaMetrix has been selling polarographic dissolved oxygen analyzers for over four decades.

We are pleased to be able to offer the only optical dissolved oxygen sensor that outputs directly 4-20 mA either for the %-saturation or concentration (mg/l or ppm) or concentration (mg/l or ppm) and temperature. It can connect to a PLC or the AquaMetrix 2300 controller. Optical DO sensors offer advantages over electrochemical DO sensors in that they are inherently self-referencing, require no warm-up period, do not require flow and are less affected by fouling.

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AM-CDO Clark Cell Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

The AM-CDO is a traditional Clark cell style dissolved oxygen sensor that has been reengineered to provide accurate readings, long-life, stable output and easy maintenance. Although optically-based probes have become prevalent in wastewater monitoring, Clark style probes are simple, inexpensive, rugged and provide superior readings at very low dissolved oxygen concentrations.

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  • AM-ODO-CAP replacement membrane cap
  • AM-ODO-MPR metal protector
  • AM-ODO-UIB converter box for %sat. and ppm
  • AM-ODO-T-UIB converter box temp and mg/l
  • AM-ARM-5 submersion hardware
  • AM-JB1 junction box
  • AM-TEE-5 2? union tee with adapter
  • AM-CDO-KIT refill solution, membrane, and polishing strips
  • AM-CDO-CAP replacement membrane cap

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