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C-1700N Chem-Feed Duplex Diaphragm Metering
Pump From Blue White Industries

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Fixed Speed, Duplex Diaphragm Pump

  • Economical and versatile.

  • Dual pump head design for simultaneous injection of two chemicals, or high volume of one.

  • All ball bearing, permanently lubricated gear motor for smooth, quiet, powerful operation.

  • Stroke adjustment from 5-100% permits accurate small injections at a high rate per minute.

  • Outputs to 48 LPH (304. 2 GPD). (Total both heads)

  • Output pressures to 125 PSI.


  • Water treatment and conditioning.

  • Soap, wax and detergent injection.

  • Wastewater treatment.

  • Biocide feed.

  • Rural water systems.

  • Cooling tower & boiler treatment.

  • Fertilizer and nutrient injection.

  • Pool chlorination & PH control.

Output Control Options:

Standard Models feature a quick adjusting, high accuracy mechanical stroke length control. The pump’s efficient design allows for a minimum stroke length of 5%. Minimum recommended output is 5% of maximum. Each pump head is independently controlled.

Deluxe Models feature stroke length and electronic time Interval control. The pump’s on time is adjustable from 5-100% of the repeating 5 second time interval. (0.25 – 5.0 sec.) The high frequency of the repeating 5 second time interval, and the extremely accurate mechanical stroke adjustment, result in a higher frequency of small injections per minute. Minimum recommended output is .5% of maximum. Each pump head is independently controlled.



  • Outdoor rated enclosure .

  • Durable housing of chemical resistant Valox (PBT) thermoplastic.

Wetted Parts:

  • PTFE coated EP diaphragm .

  • Double-ball inlet and outlet cartridge type ceramic check valves. Chemical resistant PVDF valve body and fitting, ceramic balls, Viton static seals and TFE/P ball seat o-rings.

  • No metal springs are used.


  • All ball bearing, permanently lubricated gear motor for smooth, quiet, powerful operation.

Shipping Accessories

  • Includes visual flow indicator on the suction line tubing.

  • Includes 2 sets of 3/8″ OD suction and discharge tubing, 2 Injection fitting with spring-loaded check valve and all mounting hardware.

  • PVDF suction (foot) valve with FKM and TFE/P o-rings, ceramic check ball and removable polypropylene filter screen.

Max. Working pressure: 125 psig (8.6 bar)

Max. Fluid Temperature: 130ºF (54ºC)

Max. Ambient Temperature: 14 to 110ºF/ -10 to 43ºC

Maximum Viscosity: 1,000 Centipoise

Maximum Suction Lift: 10 ft. Water, 0 psig

Output Accuracy: +/- 10% of max. (water 0 psi, 5' suction lift)

Turndown Ratio: Standard 20:1

Deluxe 400:1 (Time interval controller)


Enclosure: NEMA type 3R (IP23)

Operating Voltage:

115VAC/60Hz, 1ph (.74 Amp Maximum)
230VAC/60Hz, 1ph (0.36 Amp Maximum)
220VAC/50Hz, 1ph (.31 Amp Maximum)
24VAC/60Hz, 1ph (3.40 Amp Maximum)

Power Cord Plug Type:

115V60Hz = NEMA5/15 (USA)
230V60Hz = None (Junction box)
220V50Hz = CEE 7Nll (EUROPE)
24V50Hz =None (Junction box)

Approx. Shipping Weight: 8 lb. (3.6 Kg)

Duty Cycle: Continuous

Tech. Data Sheet (PDF) (PN 85000-057)
Instruction Manual (PDF) (PN 81000-265)


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