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Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps From Camac

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Stainless,Steel,Centrifugal Pumps,CamacCAMAC Carpenter 20 Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps offer simplified design and high quality construction for longer life with less maintenance. Carpenter 20 Steel Alloy provides superior corrosion resistance in the handling of liquids and plating solutions including nitric and chromic acids. The pumps are available in three standard sizes to meet most requirements: Series 50 with 5" impeller, 10 to 80 GPM capacity and heads to 100 feet; Series 70 with 7" impeller featuring 20 to 200 GPM and heads to 210 feet; and Series 100 with 10" impeller, a capacity of 200 to 1200 GPM and heads to 120 feet.

Series 50 and 70 Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps are offered standard with either flanged, hose nozzle or threaded connections. Series 100 pumps are supplied with flanged connections only.


  • All wetted parts are Carpenter 20 Stainless Steel.*

  • CAMAC Teflon impregnated asbestos packing or mechanical seal is standard on all pumps at no extra cost. Double water cooled seals also are available.

  • Standard construction of materials is viton and/or EPDM, ceramic and carbon faces. Alternative Seal Materials-silconized carbon and silicon carbide.

  • Outboard mounted pumps are supplied complete with pump, mount assembly with bearings, coupling guards and channel base.

  • Standard woven and molded packing is inexpensive, durable and provides almost universal chemical resistance.

  • All pumps are supplied with open, non-clogging, stainless steel impellers.

  • Long-Service pump bearings are standard in design and can be readily replaced at pump location.

  • CAMAC maintains a complete stock of parts available for immediate

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