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Flow Computer

You'll need one of our outstanding flow computers/controllers to match up with your new Hays meter. Whether you just want to know how many gallons you have consumed or a more advanced feature, Hays has the flow computer/controller for you.

Flow Computer,Hays,Series,FT420Model FT-415 Flow Computer

Hays Flow Computer Series FT415 is a microcontroller-based rate/total indicator powered by a lithium battery. Hays Flow Computer Series FT415 displays rate and total, and provides a programmable pulse output for use in metering pump pacing or datalogging.

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Flow Computer,Hays,Series,FT420Model FT-420 Flow Computer

Flow Computer Hays FT420 is a Imp-powered micrmontroller-based transmitter indicator. Flow Computer Hays FT420 displays rate and total, and provides a 4-20 mA analog signal proportional to flow. A programmable pulse output is also standard for metering pump control or data logging.

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Model FT-520 Flow Computer

Hays Flow Computer Series FT520 is a hatching flow processor with additional output features. Hays Flow Computer Series FT520 is designed for use with Hays Fluid Controls flow meters and flow sensors, as well as other units which have frequency output proportional to flow. In addition to batch function, the Hays Flow Computer Series FT520 indicates flow rate and accumulated total in large digits on an easily-read backlit display Units are user selectable and range from milliliters per second to million gallons per day Batch output is controlled by two relays. The main relay starts and stops the batch asset.

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Pulse,Timers,PT32,PT33,Hays,Series,FT520Model PT-32/PT-33 Flow Computer

  • Solid State Electronics.

  • Timer Range: 1 - 1270 seconds.

  • Low Voltage, low current.

  • Nema 4 enclosure.

  • Single Timer (PT32).

  • Dual Timer (PT33).

  • Easy to install and operate.

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Typical Applications for Hays Flow Computer/Controller

- Proportional Chemical Injection

- Water Treatment

- Proportional Feed

- Fertilizer Injection

- Cooling Tower Bleed

- Dual Flow Batch Application

- Remote Totalizing

- Remote Flow Readout

- Process Control


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