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Large Diameter Fabricated Butterfly Valves

Hayward, Industrial, Flow Control Systems

Large Diameter, Fabricated, Butterfly Valves, HaywardDesigned for Performance and Flexibility: Larger size butterfly valves from Hayward are specially designed to take into account applications parameters encountered in larger size piping systems. The rugged, one piece all plastic body stands up to high flow rates and elevated stress conditions. The valve features a full face liner that eliminates the need for expensive flange gaskets. The valve itself is fully lined and the standard Type 316 stainless steel stem is completely isolated from the process media. A unique "sphered" disc makes it easy to seal the valve bubble tight with a minimum op operating torque. The valve's fabricated design makes for exceptional application flexibility. This type of design makes it easy and cost effective to modify the valve to conform to the requirements of special, demanding applications. For example, the need for expensive and clumsy flange adapters can be eliminated by providing a 14" size valve with a 16" bolt circle, and easy modification for these types of valves.

Easy Installation, Easy Operation: Each valve comes standard with two lifting lug/handles, as well as slotted bottom bolt holes. These valve features coupled with its light weight permit a single person to position and install even the largest size valve, reducing installation costs. After installation easy, positive manual valve operation is ensured by the heavy duty, high torque output gear box. If automation is required there is a wide range of electric and pneumatic actuation to choose from. Actuators mount to a corrosion resistant plate and are then coupled to the valve with two easy to access bolts. In most cases no additional spacers or adapters are required.

Replacement for Metal Valves: All plastic construction means the valves will never stick, fail, or jam due to rust or corrosion, making them an excellent alternative to metal valves in many applications.

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  • Stress Relieved Construction

  • Type 316 Stainless Steel Stem

  • Sphered Disc for Positive Shut Off

  • Choice of EPDM or FPM Seals

  • High Torque Manual Gear Box

  • Dual Lifting Lug/Handles

  • Slotted Bottom Bolt Holes

  • Easily Modified for Unique Applications

  • Two Year Warranty

  • Electric or Pneumatic Actuators

  • Type 316 Stainless Steel Lugs



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