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Kenco ESP & ST Series Level Gauge

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ESP & ST Series Level Gauge

The KENCO Armored Level Gauge (Model ESP or ST) is a rugged tubular liquid level gauge that offers maximum impact from mechanical stress and impact. Product benefits include lower installation costs, reduced maintenance, unobstructed visual indication for your application. The gauge is adaptable to many different types of process connections. Armored frame and 90 degree instrument tees are available in a wide variety of materials. Wetted materials are limited to the O-Ring material, PTFE sight tube holder, and glass. The level gauge will operate in a medium pressure range up to 500 PSI. The ESP series offers extra glass protection from an outer tube of polycarbonate, which surrounds the gauge glass.

Construction Features:
Armored Gauge Frame
The process piping is supported by the gauge frame. This frame protects the glass tube from mechanical stress and impact. The frame is available in powder epoxy-coated carbon steel, stainless steel, fiberglass, or PVC.

Sight Tube Holder
The tube holders isolate the process fluid from the gauge frame. They are normally provided in PTFE. Other materials are available, such as type 316 SS or Alloy 20.

Sight Tube
Standard material is borosilicate glass, however, any clear tubing may be used.

Sight Tube Shield
Outer protective tube is normally supplied in clear polycarbonate tubing which has a high impact strength (lzod impact range: 12-16 feet, Lb./in.). Other materials may be supplied.

Lower Installation Costs
A one piece gauge is easily installed. Does not require multiple tank connections or expensive pipe required with reflex type gauges.

Easy to Read Liquid Level
A one piece gauge has no blind spots and the slotted frame provides see-through viewing of the liquid.


ST = Armored Liquid Level Gauge with Single Sight Tube
ESP = Armored Liquid Level Gauge with High Impact Polycarbonate Shield Surrounding Sight Tube

CS = Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel
S4 = 304 S.S.
S6 = 316 S.S.
FG = Fiberglass

Standard sizes are 1",1.5", and 2".

*Consult Factory For Other Size Options.

HP = High Pressure Glass(Standard)
HW = Heavy Wall Glass
RL = Red Line Glass
AC = Acrylic Tubing
PVC = Transparent PVC Tubing
PC = Polycarbonate Tubing
P = Polysulfone Tubing
FEP = FEP Tubing (1" ST Models Only)

V = Fluorocarbon
A = Aflas 150
B = Buna-N
EP = Ethylene Propylene
K = Kalrez
TE = FEP Encapsulated Silicone

1/2" - 2" Sizes are available either threaded or flanged.

Carbon Steel, 304 S.S., or 316 S.S. All are available PTFE lined.

TVD = Threaded Vent and Drain. Specify size when ordering.
FVD = Flanged Vent and Drain. Specify size when ordering.
LX = Polycarbonate Height scale in feet, inches
SS = Stainless Steel Height scale in feet, inches
I = Illuminator


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