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Kenco K512 Oil Level Controller

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K512,Oil,Level,Controller,Kenco,EngineeringK512 Oil Level Controller


Operating Principle:
The KENCO Oil Level Controllers are designed to control a constant oil level in the crankcase of stationary engines, compressors, and mechanical lubricator boxes. The KENCO oil controller works in conjunction with an overhead oil supply system which feeds the oil level controller. As the oil is consumed, the oil controller supplies the required amount of oil to maintain a proper level in the crankcase. The oil controller maintains the proper amount of oil in the crankcase by using a float controlled valve. The valve opens and closes as oil is needed in the crankcase to provide a constant oil level.

The oil level switch in the K512 is a case to ground electric switch contact for non-hazardous locations. The level within the crankcase directly corresponds with the oil level in the oil level controller housing. If the oil level in the crankcase drops past the designated level, the switch will trip sending an alarm.


  • Locations where space is limited

  • Non-hazardous locations

  • Stationary engines and compressors

  • Mechanical lubricators

  • Pumps


  • Reduces maintenance by maintaining a constant lube level.

  • Protects against lubrication failure

  • Controller mechanism fully removable without draining oil

  • Adjustable mounting slots on back of casting eliminate need for mounting adapters

  • Easy view convex sight window

  • Switch test button available

  • Fire Safe Valves available

  • Oil outlets on either side of housing and in the bottom to allow for various piping configurations

  • Direct mount adapters eliminate equalizing problems and reduce installation costs


Valve Seat - Buna-N
Optional Valve Seat Material - Fluorocarbon
Valve Orifice - Aluminum
Housing - Aluminum
Float Material - Closed Cell Polyurethane
Oil Inlet Screen - 20 Mesh Brass Cloth
Sight Window - Nylon (UV Stabilized)
Oil Inlet Connection - 1/2" FNPT
Oil Outlet Connections - (2) 1/2" FNPT (1) 3/4" FNPT

Static Head Pressure Range - 2-12 ft.
Maximum Temperature - 180°F / 82°C
High Pressure Models - Not Available

(Tested at 30ºF with SAE 40)
2' Head - 10 GPD

Switch Trip Point Range - 3/16" to 1/2"
Switch Rating - 2 amp, 30 VAC or VDC
Maximum Temperature - 180ºF / 82ºC
Electrical Connection - 1/2" FNPT
Standard Circuitry - Case to Ground

-9U = Slotted Universal Mount Bracket for use with K512 Oil Level Controllers
-11 = Mechanical Lubricator Mounting Adapter
-12 = Post Mounting Adapter for 1/2" Pipe
-17 = Waukesha VHP Engine (1) Bolt Hole Inspection Door
-24 = Ariel JGE, JGH, JGJ, JGK, JGR, JGT & JGW Compressors
-27 = Waukesha VHP Engine (2) Bolt Hole Inspection Door
-37 = Waukesha Inspection Door P9390
-38 = Waukesha Inspection Door P9390 with Low Flow Meter
-48A = Ariel JGB and JGV 4 and 6 cylinder Compressors
-48B = Ariel JGC and JGD 4 and 6 cylinder compressors with standard shaft rotation and a single chain drive / Ariel JGC and JGD 6 cylinder compressors with reverse shaft rotation and a dual chain drive
-48C = Ariel JGC and JGD 4 and 6 cylinder compressors with reverse shaft rotation and a single drive chain / Ariel JGC and JGD 6 cylinder compressors with standard shaft rotation and a dual chain drive
-FM = Fairbanks Morse ZC, 118, 208, 346, 503 & 739
-ML = Mechanical Lubricator Side Mount
-SML = McCord Mechanical Lubricator Mount
-W = Witte B, C, F28, F32 & F42
-W98 = Witte 98 with Oil Gauge Bolted to the Engine
-A = Arrow C46, C66, C106 & C245
-L-795 = Arrow L-795
-AJAX = Ajax, Lufkin Made Before 1-1-63, Superior and Other Crosshead Type Engines & Tri-Plex Pumps with 1/2" Drains
-C33/34 = Slotted Adapter Universal Mount for Caterpillar 3300/3400 Engines

Fire Safe Valve Option -
-FS = Fire Safe Valve
Extra Options -
-TB = Switch Test Button
-K = Hose Kit

K512,Oil,Level,Controller,Kenco,Engineering 512 (old style) Manual
K512,Oil,Level,Controller,Kenco,Engineering RK-512(old style) Manual
K512,Oil,Level,Controller,Kenco,Engineering 512-TB (old style) Manual
K512,Oil,Level,Controller,Kenco,Engineering K512HL/K512-TB (new style) Manual
K512,Oil,Level,Controller,Kenco,Engineering 512-A (old style) Service Bulletin
K512,Oil,Level,Controller,Kenco,Engineering Oil Level Controller


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