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Kobold Level Monitoring Instruments

KOBOLD instruments for level monitoring and level measurement include float level switches, optical level switches, ultrasonic level switches, conductive level switches and more.

Our complete line of level transmitters includes float level transmitters, ultrasonic level transmitters, magnetostrictive level transmitters and capacitance level transmitters.

KOBOLD bypass level gauges and mini bypass level gauges mount on tanks to provide visual indication of level and are available with optional level switches and level transmitters.

M - Magnetic Level Switches

NAB - Polypropylene Float Level Switch

NCB - Magnetic Float Switches with NBR Float

NCG - Large Multipoint Magnetic Float Level Switches

NCM - Miniature Multipoint Float Level Switch

NCP - Magnetic Float Switches for Liquids

NCS - Magnetic Float Switches for Liquids

NCW - Capacitive Level Switch

NDT - Static Pressure Level Switch

NE - Conductive Level Switch

NEC - Heavy-Duty Float Level Switch

NEH - Cable-Suspended Conductive Level Switch

NEK - Compact Conductive Level Switch

NGS - Heavy Duty Level Switch

NIR-9 - Rotating Vane Level Switch for Bulk Media

NK - Ultrasonic Level Switch

NKP - Side-Mounted Level Switch

NLP - Hydrostatic Pressure Level Switch

NMF - Level Switch for Dry Bulk Media

NSC - Capacitive Level Switch for Bulk Media

NSD - Economical Optical Level Switch

NSE - Stainless Steel Float Level Switch

NSM - Polypropylene Tethered Float Level Switches

NSP - Polypropylene Tethered Float Level Switches

NST - PTFE Tethered Float Level Switches

NSV - Vibrating Level Switches for Bulk Media

NV - Side Mount Level Switch

NVI - Vibrating Level Switch for Powders & Granulated Solids

NWP - Plastic Vibrating Fork Level Switches

NWS - Vibrating Level Switches

OEM - Level Switches

OPT - Optical Level Switch

PLS - Pendulum Level Switch for Bulk Solids

RFS - Side-Mounted Level Switch

TED - Optical Level Sensor for Liquids


Kobold Level Controls


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