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pH Condensate Controller Model 350S
From Neptune Chemical Pump Company Inc

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Model 350S pH Condensate Controller

pH,Condensate,Controller,Model 350S,Lakewood,InstrumentsThe Model 350S pH Condensate Controller installed at critical condensate return points or in the de-aerator condensate return line allows you to determine the condensate pH and ensure the efficient management of your system. Monitoring boiler steam condensate allows you to detect corrosion due to process contamination that affects pH. Alarm contacts can be wired to divert the flow of the condensate or activate an alarm when necessary.

The rugged sensor assembly consists of a 316SS ball valve with a stainless steel body. These sensors can be adjusted and even removed without shutting down the condensate return line. They can withstand process temperatures and pressures normally associated with steam line condensate.

These controllers use the latest technology available in pH electrode construction and amplifier interface techniques to allow for the widest range of applications with increased sensing accuracy. Sensor amplifiers employ the latest electronics technology to provide drift-free noise-free signal transmission. The amplifier output of 590 mV/pH is high enough for long-distance transmission without terminal block potential problems, loss of signal strength and noise pick-up.


  • Model 520-2-7R-18-HT pH electrode suitable for high temperatures.

  • Retractable sensor minimizes service interruptions.

  • Alarm timer limits neutralizing amine overfeed.

  • HIGH and LOW setpoints for alarms or to divert condensate.

  • Control of condensate pH and corrosion potential.


  • Maximum efficiency of condensate corrosion and inhibitor feed.

  • Diversion of contaminated condensate from the boiler in order to provide greater protection.

  • Helps prevent costly damage of your boiler system, piping and related metal surfaces.



Power : 120 VAC
120/240VAC w/-WP

Sensor: pH Combination glass electrode in 316SS body.

Flow: switch Dry contact


Relays: 3 Amps @ 120 VAC

0-1 mA: Non isolated

4-20 mA: Isolated, internal

Power: w/-35


Pressure: 70 psi (4.8 bar)

Temperature: -5 to 260ºF (-20 to 130ºC)

Auto Temp. Comp: 10K Ohms, 32 to 212ºF (0 to 100ºC)

Sensor Materials: Glass, 316 SS, Viton

Sensor Removal: Retractable with 1 inch 316 SS ball valve connection.

Min. Cond. for Operation: 5 µS


pH Range: 0-14 pH

Accuracy: +/-0.05 pH

Resolution: 0.01 pH

Deadband: Adjustable

Setpoints: HIGH and LOW

Alarm Timer: 5-90 minutes. Locks out both HIGH and LOW setpoints.

Ambient Temperature: 32-158º F (0-70º C)

Enclosure: ABS Plastic

Model 350S pH Condensate Controller


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