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Water Treatment Controller Model 140
from Lakewood Instruments

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Model 140 Series Cooling Tower Controller

The Model 140 uses the latest in microprocessor capability, giving the user a high level of application flexibility. Multiple inputs and very easy setup characterize this new technology. Water meters, sensors and plumbing assemblies are purchased separately.


  • Use this Controller for Cooling towers.

  • Removable power cord and receptacles for simple conduit installations.

  • Scheduled feed, which can use two relays for biocides or other chemicals.

  • One (1) water meter input, conductivity input, flow switch input, and 4-20 mA output are all standard features.

  • Designed with a single circuit board for better reliability and lower cost.

  • Large open shallow enclosure for easy wiring.

  • The enclosure is rated NEMA 4X.

  • Power selector switch for 115 or 230 vac operation.

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel domed numeric keypad and illuminated graphical display allow for quick and easy programming. Steel domed switches improve the tactile sensing and life expectancy of the keypad.


  • Easy to program, the Model 140 Controller menu is just like the Lakewood model 1575e controller.

  • Single circuit board design improves reliability.

  • No add-on options. 4-20 mA output and biocide features are standard.

  • Multiple methods of chemical feed for application flexibility.


  • Conductivity range 0-10,000 mS

  • Conductivity sensor 2 electrode

  • Conductivity Resolution ± 10 µS

  • Temperature comp. 500 ohm NTC

  • Accuracy & repeatability ± 1.0%

  • Deadband/Setpoint Adjustable

  • Auto/Manual outputs Menu selectable

  • Keypad 16 tactile push-buttons

  • Display 16 X 2 Character

  • Water meter input Contact head, paddle wheel or turbine

  • Timer Max. blowdown time exceeded, relay time exceeded

  • Output Signal One 4 – 20 mA, non-isolated powered output

  • Output relays 2 selectable use, 1 blowdown

  • Relay ratings 3A each, 10A total

  • Power 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz

  • Ambient 32° - 120°F (0 - 49°C)

  • Water temperature 32°- 140°F (0 - 49°C)

  • Pressure 140 psi

  • Enclosure NEMA 4X

Controller Options

1239594   Controller Model 140 controller only

1229595   Controller Model 140, w/sensor and plumbing tee

1229596   Controller Model 140, w/sensor and flow switch plumbing

1229597   Controller Model 140, w/sensor and flow switch plumbing on a mounting plate

Cooling Tower Options

Cooling Tower Flow Switch Plumbing w/Sensor
Cooling Tower Sensor Tee and Conductivity Sensor

1167158   Cooling Tower sensor with 20 ft of cable.

1169440   Plumbing Tee.

1107003   Flow Switch Plumbing.

Model 140 Cut Sheet

Model 140 Spec Sheet

Model 140 Manual



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