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Lutz Pumps Accessories

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In keeping with our philosophy of making the operation of a drum and container pump simple and safe, we have a complete range of accessories available for you. Suitable for both mobile and stationary applications the range of Lutz accessories makes your pump a perfect filling system.

Available e.g. are:

  • Dispensing nozzles

  • Chemical hoses

  • Fume barriers

  • Foot strainers

  • Hose couplings and much more


For filling and transferring neutral and aggressive liquids. One-hand-use for the safe transfer of liquids. Aluminum nozzle for filling and transferring fuel and diesel oil. Brass nozzle for filling and transferring solvents and neutral liquids. Stainless steel nozzle ideally suitable for filling and transferring liquids - also for combustible and flammable liquids - in food and pharmaceutical industry. PVDF nozzle for filling and transferring neutral and aggressive liquids. PP nozzle for filling and transferring neutral and aggressive liquids.

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Lutz Adapters

Barrel adapter supports the B 2 Vario pump in the bunghole, preventing pump from tilting drum when empty. Foot stariner keeps impurities away from the rotating parts. For mounting over the pump foot. Discharge spouts for transfer liquids to other vessels. Spouts are connected onto the pump's discharge.

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Hoses & Connections

Transparent, flexible PVC hose for non-flammable liquids. Electrical conductive hose - electrical conductivity is assured through the use of break resistant textile copper threads in the rubber coating. Hose connection to connect the hose with the pump tube B70V. Stainless steel hose clamp to fix hoses at the pump outlet connecton and accessories.

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Hangers & Accessories

Wall hanger for storage of B70V pumps. This facility helps protect the pump from damage, and maintains their value. Side mount clamp to fasten the B70V pump in open-topped drums and containers. Maintenance unit for cleaning and oiling the air supply. Filter, lubricator and regulator with gauge for setting operating pressure.

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