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CTCII™ Conductivity Controller / TDS Chemical Treatment Controller / Cooling Tower Controller

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CTCII, Conductivity, TDS, Chemical, Treatment, Controller, Cooling Tower Controller, Myron L CompanyThe CTCII is an ideal low cost controller for your chemical treatment needs. The single-input controller provides accurate water measurement with conductivity sensors that have built-in temperature compensation. The alarm and single set-point is easily set with the control knob located on the front of the unit, while the clear screw-down lid prevents accidental changes. Adjustable set-point hysteresis prevents relay chattering and improves control.

Two 110VAC powered outlets allow direct connections to dosing pumps for ease of installation. A 3/4'' NPT(M) conductivity sensor with a 10-ft cord that provides temperature compensation between 32 to 212°F (0 to 100°C) at pressures up to 75 psi @ 140 °F (60°C). Add accessory flow switch and manifold to complete the installation.


  • 0-5000 microsiemens or ppm

  • IP65/NEMA 4X water resistant & corrosion proof enclosure

  • Clear, screw down lid allows great visibility while discouraging unauthorized adjustment

  • Comes complete with an easily installed CSAR sensor, or for those more demanding jobs, the optional CS51R sensor

  • Single set point/alarm

  • Easy knob adjustment of set point

  • LED shows "above/below" Alarm/control status

  • 10 amp relay operates on increasing reading

  • Adjustable set point hysteresis

  • Automatic 25ºC temperature compensation

  • Includes power cords
    - One (1) input power cord
    - Two (2) output plugs

  • Selectable 115/230 VAC

Some options include:

  • 31/2 or 41/2 Digit Backlit LCD

  • 4-20 mA Output Module

  • 24 VAC Isolated Power Supply

  • 24 VDC Isolated Power Supply

  • CS51R sensor


Save Money & Time:

  • Decrease downtime

  • Increase system life

  • Increase number
    of cycles

  • Reduce wastewater discharge

Designed Specifically for Chemical Treatment - excellent for Cooling Towers

The unique circuitry of the CTCII Chemical Treatment Controller guarantees accurate and reliable measurements. Drift free performance is assured by "field proven"electronics, including automatic DC offset compensation and highly accurate drive voltage.

Since Temperature Compensation is at the "heart"of accurate water measurement, all MyronL CTCII controllers feature a highly refined and precise TC circuit. This feature perfectly matches the water temperature coefficient as it changes. All models corrected to 25ºC.

Standard on all models are two heavy-duty 10 amp output relays, operating on increasing readings. Bright red/green LED indicates above or below set point values.

All CTCII models feature a compact IP65/ NEMA 4X water resistant and corrosion proof rated enclosure 4.7 x 6.3 in./120 x 160 mm. They are suitable for bench or surface mounting.



  • CTCIIT (with Limit Timer)

  • CTCIID (with 3-1/2 Digit LCD)

  • CTCIITD (with Limit Timer & 3-1/2 Digit LCD)

*Custom and OEM Models Available

CTC II Data Sheet

Conductivity Sensor - CSA Series

Conductivity Sensor #CS51

Flow Switch

Operation Manual


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