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ULTRAPEN PT1 (EC)/TDS/Salinity Pen

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ULTRAPEN PT1, EC/TDS/Salinity Pen, Myron L, CompanyThis instrument is designed to be extremely accurate, fast and simple to use in diverse water quality applications. Advanced features include the ability to select from 3 different solution types that model the characteristics of the most commonly encountered types of water; proprietary temperature compensation and TDS conversion algorithms; highly stable microprocessor-based circuitry; user-intuitive design; and waterproof housing. A true, one-handed instrument, the PT1 is easy to calibrate and easy to use. To take a measurement, you simply press a button then dip the pen in solution. Results display in seconds.

High Performance Features

  • Accuracy of ±1% of READING ±.2% at calibration point

  • Reliable Repeatable Results

  • Automatic temperature compensation

  • Autoranging

  • Accuracy of benchtop lab equipment in an affordable, portable, compact pen

  • Rugged, reliable, shock-resistant fully encapsulated electronics, body constructed of aircraft aluminum

  • Simple one button function

  • Specially designed with measurement ranges and solution modes to meet the water quality testing needs of many applications

  • High capacity N-type battery included

  • Waterproof


  • Agriculture

  • Hydroponics

  • Desalination

  • Aquaculture

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Boilers and Cooling Towers

  • Fountain Solutions for Printing

  • Horticulture

  • Wastewater

  • Pool and Spa

  • Food and Beverage

  • Irrigation

  • Reverse Osmosis

Measurement Range: 1 - 9999 μS or ppm (0.0010 - 9.999 ppt salinity)
Accuracy: ± 1% of reading
Repeatability: < 1000 μS or ppm ± 1 Count
≥ 1000 μS or ppm ± 0.3% of reading
Resolution: Electrical Conductivity (EC) and TDS:
0.1 for 1.0 - 99.9 μS or ppm
1 for 100 - 9999 μS or ppm
0.0001 for 0.0010 - 0.0999 ppt
0.001 for 0.100 - 9.999 ppt
0.1 ºC or ºF
Time to Reading Stabilization: 10 - 20 seconds
Active Mode Power Consumption: 30 - 100 mA
Sleep Mode Power Consumption: 2 μA
Temperature Measurement Range: 0 - 71 °C or 32 - 160 °F
Temperature Accuracy Displayed: ± 0.1 ºC or ± 0.2 ºF
Temperature Compensation Method: Automatic to 25 ºC
Physical Dimensions: 15.87 cm L x 1.91 cm D or 6.25 in. L x .55 in. D
Weight: 55 g or 1.94 oz.
Case Material: Anodized Aluminum with UV Protective Coating
Battery Type: N type, Alkaline
Battery Voltage: 1.5 V
Calibration Solution Point: 1800 μS KCl; 3000 ppm 442™ (2027 ppm NaCl)
Operating/Storage Temperature: 0 - 55 ºC or 32 - 131 ºF
Water Resistance: IP67 and NEMA 6
EN61236-1: 2006 - Annex A: 2008 Electrostatic discharge to case of instrument may
cause PT1 to spontaneously power on. In this case,
the PT1 will power off after several seconds.


Mode Parameter Solution Model Units
Cond KCl (EC) Potassium Chloride microsiemens (μS)
tdS 442 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) 442™ Myron L Natural Water Standard parts per million (ppm)
tdS NaCl TDS Sodium Chloride ppm
SALt 442 Salinity 442™ Myron L Natural Water Standard parts per thousand (ppt)
SALt NaCl Salinity Sodium Chloride ppt

ULTRAPEN PT1, EC/TDS/Salinity Pen, Myron L, Company


ULTRAPEN PT1 (EC)/TDS/Salinity Pen Data Sheet


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