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CX105 Loop-Powered 4-20mA Conductivity Transmitter

CX105 Loop-Powered 4-20mA Conductivity Transmitter

Our CX105 conductivity transmitter is an isolated output 4-20mA industrial transmitter for reading contacting conductivity sensors. The CX105 transmitter also measures Resistivity and TDS. Easily power the unit with available two-wire power supply loop. This transmitter is ideal for connecting to a PLC for advanced control systems. The CX105 has versatile mounting options for wall or panel mount. With a dual display LCD, monitoring both the measuring value and the temperature is simple.

  • Dual display shows the measuring value and temperature

  • Compatible with a wide variety of contacting conductivity, resistivity, and TDS sensors

  • One year limited warranty

  • CE certified – compliant with European Community Standards

Product Specifications


  • LCD: 128*65 dot matrix, figure or alphabet: 12×8, 28×15, 32×18, etc.

  • Update rate: 1 second

  • Contrast: User selected, 5 levels


  • Conductivity: 0.05 to 500,000 µS/c

  • Resistivity: 1KO•cm to 18.3MO•c

  • TDS: 0.023 to 200,000 pp

  • Accuracy: ± 0.5% of readin

  • Repeatability*: ± 0.05% of span

  • Temperature Drift*: Zero and Span: ± 0.02% of span per ºC

*These performance specifications are typical at 25°C


  • Power: 19 -48VDC, regulated, 30mA maximum

Current Output:

  • Isolated 4-20 mA output with 0.004 mA (12-bit) resolution

  • Update Rate: 1 second

  • Maximum Loop Impedance: 250O@24V; 600O@31V; 1500O@48V


  • Non-volatile: All user settings are retained indefinitely without battery backup

Open-Collector Output:

  • Isolated, 40 VDC max. pull-up voltage

The OC output can be configured to be one of three modes below:

High mode, Low mode, Proportional pulses

Ambient Conditions:

  • Operation: -10 °C to 70 °C (14 °F to 158 °F); 0-95% relative humidity, non-condensing

  • Transport/storage: -15°C to 80°C(5°F to 176°F); 0-95% relative humidity, non-condensing

Standards and Approvals

  • CE: Certified Compliant to European Community Standards.

CX105 Conductivity Transmitters


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