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Sensorex Canada Water Measurement Solutions


Laboratory Sensors & Instruments

Laboratory pH Sensors (Plastic), Laboratory pH Sensors (Glass), Laboratory ORP Sensors, Benchtop pH/ORP Meters and Benchtop TDS Meters.

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Online Sensors & Analyzers

Industrial pH Probes, Industrial ORP Probes, Differential pH/ORP Probes, Conductivity Sensors, Tordial Conductivity Sensors, Dissolved Oxygen Sensors, Chlorine Sensors and UV Transmittance Monitors.

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Replacement Sensors

Quickly find the Sensorex direct fit replacement for the sensors you are using

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Ion Selective Electrodes (ISEs)

Ion Selective Electrodes (ISEs) are sensors that measure the activity of a specific ion in solution and convert it to an electrical signal (mV). They may be used with an ISE meter, pH meter in mV mode, or with any mV input device.

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Smart Sensors for Iphone, Ipad & Android

Turn your iPhone, iPad, or Android device into a powerful and convenient pH, ORP or conductivity and temperature meter with Sensorex's Smart Sensors and the SAM-1 Smart Aqua Meter.

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Controllers & Transmitters

pH/ORP Transmitters, pH/ORP Controllers, Contacting Conductivity Transmitters, Contacting Conductivity Controllers, Toroidal Conductivity. Transmitter/Controllers

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Calibration Standards & Maintenance Kits

B125 ORP Calibration Kit, B225 Zobell ORP Calibration Solution, CAL-C110 pH & ORP Simulator, CLDA-5018 Chlorine Dioxide Maintenance Kit, FCLA-5018 Free Chlorine Maintenance Kit, pH Buffer Solutions, Refill Electrolyte Solution for pH Sensors, S016 pH / ORP Electrode Storage Solution, SDS-7050 Refill Solution for SD7000 Salt Bridges and TDS / Conductivity Calibration Standards.

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Sensor Installation Hardware & Accessories

BV1 Full Port 1" CPVC Ball Valve, EA899TC Sensor Cartridge Housing for S8000 Series pH/ORP Sensors, EM800 Series Electronic Output Modules for S8000 Series pH/ORP Sensors, FC72 Flow Cell for Free Chlorine (FCL) and Chlorine Dioxide (CLD) Sensors, FC75P 3/4" Polypropylene Mounting Gland, FC875/T Threaded 3/4" CPVC Flow Cell, FM001 Flow Regulator (0.1-1.0 gpm), LPMA-002 Pipe Mount Kit for LPM100 Loop-Powered Display, Replaceable Salt Bridge for SD7000 Series pH and ORP Sensors, S653 Cable Assembly for S651CD Submersible Electrode, S675TC Hot Tap Insertion Assembly for Use with S656 Series Sensors, S853 Shielded, Low-Noise Cable Assembly for S8000 Series pH and ORP Sensors, S855 Shielded, Low-Noise Cable Assembly for S8000 Series pH and ORP Sensors with Built-in Automatic Temperature Compensation and SAMA-100 Charging Cable for SAM-1 Smart Aqua Meter.

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Sensorex manufacturers quality pH Electrodes, ORP Electrodes, Conductivity Sensors, Dissolved Oxygen Probes, Chlorine Dioxide Sensors, and other specialty analytical electrochemical sensors as well as a full line of sensor accessories. Sensorex sensors and accessories are designed for both laboratory and industrial process applications.

Sensorex is a leading manufacturer of sensors for water applications. Our sensors and electrodes are used in water and wastewater treatment, chemical processing, electroplating, boilers, cooling towers, pulp and paper, medical, laboratory, environmental and a wide-range of other applications.


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Metex Corporation Limited has been providing superior products and services to the process control, chemical treatment, waste water, industrial and manufacturing industries for over 25 years. It is our goal to continually provide our customers with the best possible equipment, technology, and service.


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Dataloggers, sensors, pumps, recorders, hand held instruments, flow instrumentation, level controls, valves, instrumentation, containers, tanks, transmitters, data loggers, digital indicators, mixers and agitators, pressure intrumentation, analyzers and controllers for a variety of industrial applications such as water quality, pH/ORP and more.

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Water Analyzers and Controllers, Wireless Products, Corrosion Monitoring Equipment, Cooling Tower and Boiler Controllers, a wide variety of Pumps, Valves, Dataloggers and Recorders, HVAC, Instrumentation, Skids and Systems, Containers and Tanks from world leading manufacturers are products you will find on this site.

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