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Online Process & Industrial pH Probes From Sensorex

Online Process & Industrial pH Probes

S272CD Online Process pH Sensor

Our S272 series of pH sensors deliver reliable online pH monitoring for in-line or submersion installation configuration. Extended sensor lifetime with double-junction technology. Minimal maintenance required due to flat glass measurement surface. A versatile sensor for moderate and multi-purpose applications.

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S8100 Submersion Process pH Sensor

Our S8000 series of pH sensors deliver the most reliable online pH monitoring in a unique, modular package that minimizes total cost of ownership. Customize to exactly what you need for your application with optional electronic amplifier, 4-20 mA module, and custom automatic temperature compensation configurations (see S8000 Electronic Modules). Sensors can be changed in a few seconds with no tools or re-wiring required by swapping the S8000CD Quick Change Replacement Cartridge.

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SD7000CD 5-Wire Differential Online Process pH Probe

Our SD7000 series of differential pH sensor offers unsurpassed pH measurement accuracy by minimizing reference junction fouling and eliminating ground loops. These units deliver greater reliability and less required maintenance than a conventional combination pH sensor. Extended sensor lifetime can be achieved by replacing the sensor reference (salt bridge). Reliably measures pH in environments with rapid temperature changes with built-in quick response automatic temperature compensation (ATC).

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One of the most important considerations when selecting a pH probe is the contaminants the probe may be exposed to. Harsh chemicals and suspended solids may cause pH probes to fail. In applications with these contaminants, it is important to select a durable sensor that is easily replaced. Light duty applications involving monitoring of cleaner water may prioritize other considerations, such as ease of use.

Sensorex offers a range of pH probes designed for online monitoring of clean water, dirty water, and everything in between. Some common applications are covered in the tabs below. Swimming pool monitoring is an example of a light duty application, while wastewater monitoring involves more heavy contamination. View and compare product recommendations for these and other similar applications. Every application is different – our experts are available to provide individual recommendations.

Wastewater Monitoring

Industrial operations that discharge effluent into sewer systems, lakes, or streams are required to neutralize effluent prior to discharge. State and Federal requirements vary, but non-compliance may result in fines and other consequences. Sensor requirements will vary based on the type of effluent being treated. pH probess that can either be reconditioned or easily replaced are generally ideal, as wastewater may contain contaminants that quickly wear out pH probes.

Typical pH: Variable (Depends on Source)

Sources of Contamination: Industrial processes, municipal use.


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