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Metering Systems from Stenner arrive pre-assembled, convenient and ready for your installation.

Time-saving options are always a plus when installing water treatment equipment. Stenner's metering systems are shipped from the factory with the pump, water meter and the essential components pre-mounted to a heavy duty panel. Most meter systems include a flow indicator to visually verify the solution is pumping. Systems are delivered pre-assembled and provide reliable injection now that's convenience.

Econ FP Meter System

Stenner's Econ FP Meter System for drinking water disinfection or pH control in private wells.

If looking for a compact proportional metering system for light duty private water well applications, the Econ FP Meter System may be your answer. Disinfection, pH control and oxidation are some of the water treatment processes required for any locations using private water supplies such as residential homes or small rural communities. Treating water proportionally to the water system's flow rate is often a preferred method.

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M128 Meter System

Select Stenner's M128 Meter System, pre-assembled and ready for installation, for 1:128 dosing to poultry water.

In livestock operations, stock solutions are traditionally run through non-electric water driven proportioners or medicators for 1:128 dosing of sanitizers, disinfectants, nutrients and medications. The water driven proportioner is prone to failure from chemicals deteriorating seals, pistons and O-rings. Debris and solids from the water source interfere with the operation and cause failure.

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Econ Stennicator Meter System

Stenner's New 1:128 Medicator System! Keep birds hydrated and healthy with the Econ Stennicator Meter System.

Stenner's proportional pump for the injection of livestock supplements at the fixed ratio of 1:128 is the Econ Stennicator. Saving time is a plus for busy farmers and the new Econ Stennicator Meter System is pre-assembled and ready for installation. The components are pre-mounted on a heavy duty panel that is attached to a wall.

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Proportional Injection System

The Proportional Injection System is for applications with varying flow rates, variable speed well pumps, poultry and livestock houses, irrigation and installations with demand based back-up wells.

For metering applications with varying system flow rates, select the Stenner Proportional Injection System.

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Econ Integrator™ Meter System

The Econ Integrator™ Meter System is a convenient design for livestock water treatment and can interface with an existing house controller.

Quality water is proven to improve livestock production and health and it is vital for the maintenance of the water supply equipment. The Econ Integrator™ Meter System can inject common undiluted chemicals directly into the water line without harm to the pump for all the farm's water treatment needs.

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