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Proportional Injection System From Stenner



Proportional Injection System From Stenner

For metering applications with varying system flow rates, select the Stenner Proportional Injection System.

The Proportional Injection System doses solution that is proportional to the water system's flow rated based on water volume. The system is designed to provide the essential metering components in an all inclusive package where the products are mounted at the factory on a heavy duty panel to affix to a wall. Built in to the panel is a compartment that keeps the cords and wires hidden for an organized aesthetic appearance. PVC union connections are included allowing easy installation and system service.

The primary components are the Classic Series single head fixed output pump, the PCM and a 3/4" plastic, lead free, dry contact water meter. The water meter sends a signal to the PCM (pump controller) which actuates the metering pump. The 3/4" plastic water meter is certified with the Water Quality Association under ANSI/NSF 372 and is offered in 1, 2 or 4 pulses per gallon. The system is equipped with a spin down filter, 3/4" white suction and discharge line and a flow indicator. Stenner's flow indicator is installed in the discharge line to provide a visual reference your solution is pumping.
Proportional Injection System Dual

For twice the metering output, select the Dual Proportional Injection System with two pumps and two PCMs

Single System Installation Instructions
Double System Installation Instructions
Pump Manual
PCM Manual
Chemical Resistance Guide


26-100 psi (1.8-6.9 bar)

Model Item No.
Tube #
45 Series
45MPHP2 45MFH1 #1
45MPHP10 45MFH2 #2
45MPHP22 45MFH7 #7
85 Series
85MPHP5 85MFH1 #1
85MPHP17 85MFH2 #2
85MPHP40 85MFH7 #7
per Day
per Day
per Hour
per Hour
per Minute
per Minute
Approximate Output @ 60Hz
3.0 11.4 0.13 0.48 0.27 7.92
10.0 37.9 0.42 1.58 0.89 26.32
22.0 83.3 0.92 3.47 1.96 57.85
Approximate Output @ 60Hz
5.0 18.9 0.21 0.79 0.44 13.13
17.0 64.4 0.71 2.68 1.51 44.65
40.0 151.4 1.67 6.31 3.55 105.14
per Day
per Hour
per Minute
Approximate Output @ 50Hz
9.1 0.38 6.32
30.3 1.26 21.04
66.6 2.78 46.25
Approximate Output @ 50Hz
15.1 0.63 10.49
51.5 2.15 35.76
121.1 5.05 84.10

NOTE: Injection check valve included with pumps rated 26-100 psi (1.8-6.9 bar)

exclamation NOTICE: The information within this chart is solely intended for use as a guide. The output data is an approximation based on pumping water under a controlled testing environment. Many variables can affect the output of the pump. Stenner Pump Company recommends that all metering pumps undergo field calibration by means of analytical testing to confirm their outputs.


Operating Range in Seconds
PCM 1 0.1 to 1.0 Second
PCM 5 0.5 to 5.0 Seconds
PCM 10 1.0 to 10.0 Seconds
PCM 20 2.0 to 20.0 Seconds


Voltage 120V 60Hz
Materials of Construction
Panel & Panel Fittings Polyethylene
Mounting Hardware Stainless steel
Piping and Associated Fittings PVC
Water Meter Plastic lead free (certified with WQA/ANSI-372)
Filter PVC with polycarbonate cover and two
polyester screens 30 and 100 mesh

NOTE: PVC connections are socket weld union 3/4" connections. Two 1" to 3/4" reducer couplings are included in the accessory kit to allow unit to adapt to 1" piping systems.

Plastic Water Meter

Flow Rates*

Flow Rates*

Size Flow Rate
per Gallon
3/4" 0.25 to 22 1 2 4 10
1" 0.75 to 50 1 2 4 10
1 1/2" 2.0 to 100 1 2 4 10

* Continuous Flow: The meter size should be selected based upon continuous flow, gpm, as opposed to pipe size.

Accuracy +/-2% when operating between
minimum and maximum flow range
Temperature Range 35-122ºF (1.7-50ºC)
Pressure Ratings 15-100 psi (1.0-6.9 bar)
Maximum Current 20mA
Maximum Voltage 24VDC or VAC
Sensor Reed Switch
Cable Length 6 ft (1.8 m)
Materials of Construction
Body** Engineered reinforced plastic (nylon)
Internal Engineered thermoplastic
Magnet Alnico

** 1 1/2" meter may include plastic or lead free brass couplings.

Proportional Injection System Single

Pump Dimensions

Proportional Injection System Single

Shipping Weight: 33 lbs (15 kg)

Box Dimensions: 36 x 11 x 23 in. (90 x 28 x 58 cm)

Proportional Injection System Dual

Shipping Weight: 45 lbs (20.4 kg)

Box Dimensions: 43 x 27 x 12 in. (109 x 69 x 30 cm)



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