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Stenner, Peristaltic Metering Pumps


The Stenner Pump Company has been manufacturing peristaltic metering pumps since 1957.

One of the apprehensions of a peristaltic metering pump is replacing the tube. Stenner has the answer with two methods, the QuickPro® (patent pending) and the Econ quick release patented pump head. Both are easy and fast plus tools are not required.

The possibilities are endless with Stenner pump products. Select from an array of Stenner peristaltic pumps and auxiliary items for oxidation, disinfection, pH control, or the injection of additives to meet the specifics of your water treatment or metering application.

Select The Right Peristaltic Metering Pump

View the Stenner peristaltic pump line at a glance with the essential attributes summarized in the charts. Click the pump name to view all of the data.

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Electro-Mechanical | Classic

Variable Speed Multi Function | S Series

The S series is an advanced peristaltic pump design with multiple programming features to fine-tune the pump to your specific application. The pump offers practical functions for industrial, water and wastewater applications.

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Variable Speed | SVP Series

The SVP's output is digitally adjusted to increase or decrease the motor speed. The SVP4 accepts a 4-20mA signal to pace the pump, making it ideal for industrial, water and wastewater applications.

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1:128 Medicator | M128 Series

The M128 series was specifically designed to inject solutions at a 1:128 ratio to treat livestock water with sanitizers, disinfectants, nutrients and medications. Also referred to as a medicator, the pump will automatically meter solution proportional to the water flow at a rate of one ounce of solution to 128 ounces of process water. For convenient and quick installations or turnkey operations, the M128 System is equipped with the pump and corresponding dry contact 3/4" or 1" Water Meter mounted on a heavy duty panel.

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Flow Activated | Econ FP Series

The Econ FP is perfect for light-duty applications such as drinking water disinfection or pH adjustment for private water wells in homes or farms. In the animal health market such as poultry hatcheries, the FP can inject nutrients or supplements into the drinking water or disinfect the water lines with the injection of acids, chlorine or chlorine dioxide. The Econ FP is a flow activated pump and can accept a dry contact signal or a 12-24 VAC/VDC signal from any control equipment that responds to flow. The functions are easy to program on the six button control pad with a backlit LCD window.

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Programmable Timer | Econ T Series

The Econ T provides a 24 event control capability with an integral timer in a compact pump for light duty applications requiring a dosing schedule. Injection of enzymes for drain line maintenance in commercial kitchens or convenience stores helps avoid costly visits from grease trap clearing companies. Biocide feed for Legionella prevention in small cooling towers, sanitation for water fountains or injecting liquid solar blankets or enzymes in commercial pools are a few of the applications for the Econ T.

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1:128 Medicator Pump | Econ Stennicator Pump

The Stennicator is adaptable to all existing houses with pulsing dry contact water meters, no additional equipment is required. Click here to watch a fun, animated video to see how.

Typical medicators use water to mix stock solutions needed for injection and are adversely affected by poor water quality such as grit, hardness or iron. Poor water quality does not affect the performance of the Stennicator; the pump injects straight into the water line eliminating garden hose bypasses that restrict flow.

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Repeater Relay | Econ Integrator™

The Integrator is an efficient, compact pump and has cULus for indoor and outdoor use. The pump has a water meter operational mode that is time adjusted to accurately inject a fixed amount of chemical per volume of water determined by the pulse rate of the water meter in use. A built-in repeater relay provides a dry contact output signal that replicates the same signal the pump receives. The relay feature is especially useful in livestock operations where an existing dry contact water meter is being utilized to tally water consumption to a controller.

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Custom | Econ OEM

Select a custom color and choose from the tube material and voltage choices. Select a fixed output from ranges of 0.04 ounces per hour to 2.08 gallons per hour with pressures to 80 psi (1.3 milliliters per hour to 7.88 liters per hour, pressures to 5.5 bar).

The pump can be designed with the customer’s supplied motor and gearbox. A standard OEM bracket is provided or a custom bracket can be designed.

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Custom | Econ OEM Batch Pump

The OEM batch pump is factory programmed to run a specific length of time when manually activated by an integral switch or it can be designed to activate with an input signal. The customer selects the pump run time from 0.1 seconds to 24 hours per activation. The pre-set fluid volume choices are up to 50 gallons per day and pressures to 80 psi (up to 189.3 liters per day / pressures to 5.5 bar).

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Low Dose | Econ LD Series

The Econ LD is a precise, compact, variable speed, peristaltic pump designed for reliably metering low volume amounts. The quiet, long lasting brushless motor, in a totally enclosed housing, offers premium quality at an economical price. The LD series incorporates the latest microprocessor technology with a simple potentiometer to control outputs with a 50:1 turndown. The outputs range from 0.04 to 8.1 ounces per hour, with pressures to 80 psi (1.3 to 240.0 ml/hr, pressures to 5.5 bar).

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Variable & Fixed Speed | Econ VX and FX Series

Both the Econ VX and the Econ FX offer a totally enclosed design with a brushed motor for light duty or general intermittent applications. The pumps work well for fluid transfer, sampling or injecting a variety of solutions. Both pumps are designed with the patented quick release pump head for effortless and fast tube replacement without tools. The pump tubes are manufactured as a single piece construction. The tube fitting is overmolded to the tube material for a stronger connection.

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Select a Stenner peristaltic metering pump for disinfection, pH control, oxidation, sanitization and a host of applications requiring reliable solution injection.

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