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New Product development is the cornerstone of Walchem's commitment to technology. Walchem Corporation has quickly become the standard for sensor and controller quality and ingenuity. Our family of sensors and controllers is designed with a total quality commitment that starts with the best design engineering in the industry and continues throughout all stages of the manufacturing process.

Sensors,Electrodes,Controllers,pH,ORP,Walchem,CorporationMulti-Jet Flowmeters

WFM Flowmeters utilize the multi-jet principle to provide dependable, accurate performance. They are available in ¾, 1, 1½ and 2” NPT pipe sizes. A pulse output provides a signal to a controller or to a metering pump for proportional chemical feed. A two-wire reed switch or three-wire Hall effect sensor may be specified.

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Paddlewheel Flowmeters

WFP Flowmeters are impeller-type insertion meters designed for use in pipe sizes from ½" to 6".

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Sensors,Electrodes,Controllers,pH,ORP,Walchem,CorporationSolenoid Valves

Epoxy encapsulated solenoid valves for cooling tower and boiler applications.

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Watertight method to extend the cable of any conventional combination pH/ORP electrode as far as 1000 feet (305 meters).

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Sensors,Electrodes,Controllers,pH,ORP,Walchem,CorporationLevel Switches

Provide simple low tank level input for controllers and solenoid metering pumps.

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Motorized Ball Valves

Motorized blowdown valves are opened and closed by your Walchem boiler controller to maintain your conductivity set point.

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Flow Control Valves

Walchem's flow control four-V port globe valves are equipped with a micrometer dial and pointer which enables the valve to set within 1/100th of a turn of the handwheel. This allows you to fine tune the blowdown flow rate. In the event that the valve becomes clogged, it may be opened to allow the debris to pass, and then returned to the original position.

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Orifice Unions

Orifice Unions offer back pressure and flow control, limited by the available orifice sizes. Each union is supplied with four plates.

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Posiflow® Feed Verification Sensor

Feed verification has never been better! The PosiFlow® Sensor will verify that your metering pump is truly moving liquid into the system and has not lost prime.

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Calibration Columns

Provide verification of metering pump output. Constructed from clear PVC, Glass, or PP with graduations in milliliters and GPH.

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Tri-Purpose Valves

Walchem’s economical Tri-Purpose Valves are three valves in one. Installed in one direction, the spring loaded PTFE faced diaphragm provides 30 psi of back pressure and anti-syphon protection. Installed in the opposite direction, it provides pressure relief that is adjustable from 30-125 psi.

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Multi-Function Valves

Walchem’s multi-function valves provide anti-syphon, back pressure and pressure relief for your 10, 15 and 20 size E class metering pumps. These valves will prevent syphoning when pumping downhill and will increase accuracy and repeatability in applications with little or no system pressure.

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Flow Verification Sensor

Provides low cost flow verification on the suction side of E-Series pumps.

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Back Pressure/ Anti-Syphon Valves

Rugged valves are constructed from PVC, PP, PVDF, or Stainless Steel components to ensure long life and reliability. Spring loaded PTFE faced diaphragms provide positive discharge pressure to stabilize pump output and prevent syphoning. All valves are screw adjustable from 0 to 150 psi standard.

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Auto Degassing Valve

The new Auto Degassing Valve greatly improves the degassing capabilities of the E-Series metering pumps. The new design uses a dual check valve system to maintain proper pump operation to vent gas out the valve and back to the supply source. The ADV retains the full pressure capabilities of the pump.

The Auto Degassing Valve is available as an accessory and can be installed onto any of the 21 sized or smaller EW, EZ, EK or EWN series pumps. Installation between the pump head and the existing manual air vent valve makes field conversions simple and maintains the functionability of the full manual air vent valve.

Addition of the ADV onto a metering pump will reduce the rated output of the pump by approximately 15-20% as this extra chemical is pushed through the vent side of the valve and back to the supply tank.

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