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Little Dipper Fluorometer From Walchem Corporation

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Little Dipper 2 Fluorometer

Little Dipper FluorometerIf your water treatment chemical supplier can provide inhibitor with PTSA or Fluorescein fluorescent dye in the formulation, the Little Dipper 2 makes it easy for our WebMaster to measure and control the concentration!

Turner Designs’ Little Dipper 2 is an accurate, single channel, light industrial fluorometer which installs directly into process streams. It provides an analog signal output proportional to the concentration of the fluorophore being measured. The Little Dipper 2 is a rugged, 24/7 sampling device that provides maximum performance, minimal maintenance, and solid state reliability.

  • Simple calibration with the WebMasterONE

  • Simple installation - now with built-in isolator

  • Provides better control of treatment chemicals

  • Solid-state LED/Photodiode technology, no moving parts

  • Typical sensitivity to less than 1 ppb

  • Quick-disconnect watertight connector

  • Improved turbidity and dissolved iron rejection

Handheld Little Dipper Fluorometer

Little Dipper FluorometerThe Handheld Little Dipper is a small, lightweight, highly durable handheld fluorometer ideal for quick measurements in the field. Two versions are available for both cooling tower and boiler system applications. Simple to operate, the Handheld Little Dipper is a perfect tool for system verification.

  • Dustproof, watertight, highly durable cas

  • Small size easily fits in shirt or jacket pocket

  • Operates using AA batteries for >10,000 measurements per set

  • Single-point (100 ppb) calibration

  • 5 second warm up

  • Low maintenance field fluorometer

Little Dipper Fluorometer Downloads

pH,ORP,Sensors,WDS,Series,Walchem,Corporation Little Dipper 2 / Handlheld Brochure

pH,ORP,Sensors,WDS,Series,Walchem,Corporation Little Dipper Manual

pH,ORP,Sensors,WDS,Series,Walchem,Corporation Accessories Brochure


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