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WebMaster® WIND
Industrial Water Treatment Controllers

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WebMaster® WIND Industrial Water Treatment Controllers

WIND,WebMaster,Industrial,Water,Treatment,Controllers,Walchem,CorporationWebMaster is the most powerful family of online process controllers in the water treatment industry. WebMaster couples a powerful multi-I/O platform with Walchem's analytical sensors and extensive communications technologies. The result is the ability to remotely monitor and control your process from any computer, anywhere in the world, with just a standard web browser.

Simple, intuitive programming makes it easy to configure your WebMaster to control multiple cooling towers, boilers, closed loops, or virtually any water treatment process.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Wide range of direct sensor measurements: •Conductivity
    •Free Chlorine/Bromine
    •Chlorine Dioxide
    •Peracetic Acid
    •Electrodeless Conductivity

  • All standard water treatment control methods are included in every WebMaster:
    • On/Off and Time Proportional Control
    • Inhibitor feed
    • Intermittent boiler sampling with flashing detection •Biocide timers
    •ORP spike feed of chlorine
    •Volume based cycles control
    •And more....

  • 8 analog inputs

  • 12 digital inputs

  • Instant alarm notification via email or text message

  • System status reports and datalog files can be sent automatically

  • Available with Modbus TCP/IP protocol

Additional Information

WebMaster,Cooling,Tower,Controllers,Walchem,Corporation WIND Brochure

WebMaster,Cooling,Tower,Controllers,Walchem,Corporation WIND Manual

WebMaster,Cooling,Tower,Controllers,Walchem,Corporation WIND Specifications

WebMaster,Cooling,Tower,Controllers,Walchem,Corporation Modbus Manual (v005 & above)

WebMaster,Cooling,Tower,Controllers,Walchem,Corporation WIND Modbus TCP/IP Option s825v008 Manual

WebMaster,Cooling,Tower,Controllers,Walchem,Corporation Disinfection Sensor Manual

WebMaster,Cooling,Tower,Controllers,Walchem,Corporation WEL Manual

Quick Start Guide

Demo Unit
username: webmaster
password: 2001


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