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Chemsteel Gear Pumps From Oberdorfer

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Chemsteel pumps are designed to handle com- mon and highly corrosive liquids that must be pumped under pressure. Manufactured to extremely precise tolerance, the Chemsteel pump line prevents system contamination while maintaining the purity and integrity of the liquid being pumped. Its rugged, three-section, o-ring sealed thru-bolt construction provides ease of servicing and parts replacement. Helical gearing offers noise reduction by as much as 10db, while the tandem pumps double the output flow for a single fluid, or with isolation, handle other fluids in direct ratio to the first. Additionally, Chemsteel pumps offer bi-direction- al operation for applications requiring reversing flow.

Notes: For continuous service:
Plastic / Plastic gear combinations are limited to 50 psi. Metal / Plastic gear combinations are limited to 100 psi. Metal/Metal gear combinations are limited to 150 psi. Horsepower requirements increase for viscous fluids.

Options: Special materials combinations are available for specific liquids: - Stainless or Alloy C housing construction. - Gears available in 316 stainless,. W88 stainless and Teflon.


Model Max. Capacity @ 1750 rpm Max. Diff. Press.
S104 1.5 US/gpm 150 psi
S106 3.0 US/gpm 150 psi
S207 4.0 US/gpm 150 psi
S210 5.6 US/gpm 150 psi
S214 8.0 US/gpm 150 psi
S417 10.0 US/gpm 150 psi
S923 15.0 US/gpm 150 psi
S930 20.0 US/gpm 150 psi
S935 23.0 US/gpm 150 psi
S946 30.0 US/gpm 150 psi


Model Max. Capacity @ 1750 rpm Max. Diff. Press.
S204 1.5 US/gpm 100 psi
S205 3.0 US/gpm 100 psi
S207 4.0 US/gpm 100 psi
S210 5.6 US/gpm 100 psi
S214 8.0 US/gpm 100 psi
S417 10.0 US/gpm 100 psi
S923 15.0 US/gpm 100 psi
S930 20.0 US/gpm 100 psi
S935 23.0 US/gpm 100 psi
S946 30.0 US/gpm 100 psi


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