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MS2600E High Resolution ER Transmitter

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Corrosion Monitoring,Instruments,Meters

MS2601E High Resolution ER Transmitter

4-20 mA Analog Output

Metal Samples' new compact MS2601E ER Transmitter(ERT) measures all types of electrical resistance (ER)corrosion probes. The new high-resolution, 16-bitmeasurement provides faster response, obtainingcorrosion rates in hours instead of days.

The transmitter is provided in a weather-proof(IP 66 / NEMA-4X) and explosion proof cast aluminumenclosure. It is designed to be mounted directly tothe probe, but can also be mounted nearby usingthe optional mounting kit and a customer-supplied mounting pole.

The MS2601E is completely loop-powered, soinstallation is simple. A two-wire connection is allthat is required for both instrument power anddata transmission. Setup is also simple, using a set of switches to select the probe type to be measured.

Technical Specifications

Model: MS2601E - High Resolution ER 4-20mA Transmitter, Direct Mount
MS2601E-XX* - High Resolution ER 4-20mA Transmitter, Remote Mount
XX* = Cable length in feet, up to 30 feet maximum, in 5 foot increments.

Physical Data

Instrument Weight: 3.70 lb. (1.68 Kg)
Total Weight w/ Accessories: 5.76 lb. (2.61 Kg)
Instrument Dimensions: 8.0" H x 4.82" W x 3.45" D
(20.32cm H x 12.24cm W x 8.76cm D)

Operating Temperature: -4° to 158°F (-20° to 70°C)
Storage Temperature: -40° to 176°F (-40° to 80°C)

Enclosure Material: Cast Aluminum (Copper-Free)
Mounting Specifications: Direct probe mount or Remote mount
(Up to a 2.5" (6.35 cm) Dia. pole)

Performance Data

Measurement Type: ER measurement using any standard ER probe type
(Wire Loop, Tube Loop, Cylindrical, Flush, Strip, etc.)
Range: 0-100% of probe life
Resolution: 0.0015% of Probe Life (16-bit)
Cycle Time: 1 minute

Electrical Data

Power Requirements: 10 to 28 VDC
Maximum Probe Cable Distance: 30 ft (9.1 m)
Output Specifications: 4-20 mA Current Loop Output

Hazardous Location Certifications - Intrinsic Safety

USA / Canada Conforms to ANSI/UL Std. 60079-0, 60079-11, 61010-1
CAN/CSA Std. E66079-0, E60079-11 & CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1
Class I, Zone0, AEx ia IIC T4 Ga
Zone 20, AEx ia IIIC T130° C Da
-20C = Ta = +70C

Europe and Worldwide

(ATEX and IECEx) II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
II 1 D Ex ia III T130°C Da
- 20°C = a = + 70°C
ATEX Certificate No: ITS14ATEX27981X
IECEx Certificate No: IECEx ITS 14.0010X

X. Probe dielectric rating < 500V r.m.s. Do not exceed.

Hazardous Location Certifications - Enclosure

Case Specifications: Explosion Proof (FM, CSA, CENELEC, UL)
IP 66, NEMA 4X, 7BCD, 9EFG

Included Accessories (Direct-Mount Model)

Meter Prover, Operations Manual

Included Accessories (Remote-Mount Model)

Meter Prover, Operations Manual, Probe Cable, Mounting Hardware Kit

Recommended Accessories

MTL5541 Repeater Power Supply (Metal Samples Part # ET1232)

MS2601E High Resolution ER Transmitter

User Manual


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