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Corrosion Monitoring Probes from Metal Samples Company

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Electrical Resistance Corrosion Probes

Electrical resistance (ER) corrosion probes are commonly used in petroleum, chemical processing, and other environments where on-line corrosion rate readings are required. Whereas test coupons must be removed from the process for evaluation, corrosion probes can allow corrosion rate determination without probe removal. Since these probes are made-in-house, we can offer rapid turnaround times and products manufactured according to your requirements for temperature, pressure, and other conditions. Hydrogen, sampling, injection, and custom-designed probes can be made as well.

Electrical resistance probes can be used in conductive systems, as well as non-conductive environments such as oil, gas, and atmosphere. The operating principle is based on the change in resistance of the probe element as it is exposed to corrosive conditions. Metal Samples manufactures electrical resistance probes for corrosion monitoring in wire loop, tube loop, flush-mount, and cylindrical element configurations. Wire and tube loop elements are Teflon or glass sealed. Cylindrical elements are supplied in all-welded form. Flush-mount elements can be provided with either glass or epoxy seals. ER probes can be rated up to 3600 psi and 500ºF. Sensing elements can be made in a variety of materials and thicknesses. Velocity/safety shields are used to reduce fluid velocity around the sensing element and protect it from floating debris.

Electrical Resistance Monitoring

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Linear Polarization Resistance Corrosion Probes

The electrochemical technique, commonly referred to as Linear Polarization Resistance, is the only corrosion monitoring method that allows corrosion rates to be measured directly, in real time. Although limited to electrolytically conducting liquids, the response time and data quality of this technique make it clearly superior, where applicable, to all other forms of corrosion monitoring.

Polarization resistance is particularly useful as a method to rapidly identify corrosion upsets and initiate remedial action, thereby prolonging plant life and minimizing unscheduled downtime. The technique is utilized to maximum effect, when installed as a continuous monitoring system.

This technique has been used successfully for over thirty years, in almost all types of water-based, corrosive environments. Some of the more common applications are:

• Cooling water systems
• Secondary recovery system
• Potable water treatment and distribution systems
• Amine sweetening
• Waste water treatment systems
• Pickling and mineral extraction processes
• Pulp and paper manufacturing
• Hydrocarbon production with free water

Linear Polarization Resistance Monitoring


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Metal Samples provides electrodes compatible with our various electrochemical probes and instruments, as well as those of most other manufacturers. We can also machine electrodes to customer specifications. We can machine electrodes from our huge inventory of metals, or from customer-supplied material. For a listing of our common alloys see Available Alloys.
In addition to our standard metal electrodes, we offer a silver/silver-chloride reference electrode for electrochemical testing. See Model TF0221 for more information.

We also offer a variety of gaskets used with common electrochemical testing apparatus.





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