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Firechek Heat Activated Pneumatic Shut-off Valves
FC-4 Series From Assured Automation

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Firechek,Heat Activated,Pneumatic,Shut-off Valves,FC-4 Series,Assured AutomationDescription:

When FireChek® Senses excessive heat from a nearby fire,it immediately vents the pneumatic actuator and closes the actuator air supply line.

FireChek® triggers quickly,securing pneumatically operated process line valves. Because FireChek® responds to heat,not flame,it offers dramatically improved protection compared with conventional plastic tubing burn-through.It shuts off the air supply line to prevent plant air from feeding oxygen to a fire.


  • Rapidly responds to temperature rise, NOT flames
  • Vents actuator air pressure
  • Closes actuator air supply line
  • Needs no power source, self activates
  • Compatible with ALL pneumatic actuators
  • No contact with process fluids
  • Easy to test and reset
  • Reliable, intrinsic triggering
  • Easily retrofit, installs in minutes

Firechek,Heat Activated,Pneumatic,Shut-off Valves,FC-4 Series,Assured AutomationShape Memory Alloy Actuator:

The shape memory element senses the ambient temperature and, through a phase induction change, rapidly produces the force and motion to operate FireChek®. The element is 100% reliable because the shape memory effect is intrinsic to the alloy. Shape memory alloys have performed successfully for years in military, industrial, and consumer product applications.


If FireChek® senses temperatures above the shape memory alloy's actuation temperature, the shape memory element simultaneously vents pneumatic actuator air pressure and closes upstream supply pressure. FireChek® manual reset allows routine performance testing for safety maintenance programs. A hot-air gun will quickly actuate FireChek®. After cooling briefly, the FireChek® can easily be reset without the use of tools, for continued protection.


FireChek® installs easily between the pneumatic supply and spring return actuator via two female threaded connections.

Firechek,Heat Activated,Pneumatic,Shut-off Valves,FC-4 Series,Assured AutomationMaterials:

  • MEMRY® Shape Memory Alloy Actuator and Sensor
  • DELRIN® Thermal Insulators
  • BUNA-N O-rings
  • 300 Series SS Body Cover, Reset, Shuttle Cap, Pin, and Bias Spring


  • 1/4-18 NPT American Standard Tapered Pipe

Performance Specifications:

Actuation time: 25 seconds or less at a temperature rise rate of 30°F/min
Actuation Temperature: 135, 150, or 165°F
Maximum Working Control Pressure: 125 PSIG
Fill and Discharge Capacity: 1 liter of air in under 1 second at 125 PSIG
Cv = 0.49
Overall Dimensions: Length = 2.59" | Diameter = 1" | Weight = 0.482 lbs.



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