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SENTRY Accumulators From Blacoh

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Accumulators are storage vessels that hold fluid under pressure and are commonly used in fluid power systems to store fluid as energy to be released on demand. When used in hydraulic circuits and machinery, they are sometimes referred to as hydraulic accumulators or hydropneumatic accumulators. Accumulators are also used to eliminate pulsations for a smooth fluid flow and protect systems from hydraulic shock. The most popular design has an internal bladder that acts as a separator between the stored fluid and a compressed gas charge.

Sentry Accumulators Benefits:

Accumulators are used in a variety of applications across multiple industries to increase system productivity and lower operating costs.

  • Store pressurized fluid as energy

  • Temporarily increase/supplement pump flow

  • Auxiliary power for equipment cycling, valve closure and emergency shutdown

  • Maintain system pressure

  • Makeup fluid for system leakage or bleed down

  • Compensate for thermal expansion

  • Dampen pulsations and vibrations

  • Absorb hydraulic shock/water hammer

SENTRY Features:

BLACOH offers a full line of Accumulators specifically designed for the fluid power market, with single body construction for maximum safety in high pressure applications.

  • Bladder, Diaphragm and Piston models

  • Bottom and Top Repairable options

  • Tested at 1.5 times maximum pressure

  • Built to meet ASME standards and most international pressure vessel code requirements

BLACOH Accumulators are available in a variety of sizes and materials suitable for the most demanding applications. *

  • Pressure ratings to 5,075 psi (350 bar)

  • Sizes from 12 cu in to 13.5 gal (.20 to 51L) – larger sizes upon request

  • Carbon Steel and 316L Stainless Steel bodies

  • Buna, EPDM, Viton and PTFE bladders

  • FNPT, BSP and Flange inlet ports

NOTE: Some Accumulator models offered by BLACOH may be manufactured by North American or European partners.

BLACOH Accumulators

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