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dynaBLEND for Hazardous Areas

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dynaBLEND, Liquid, Polymer, Blend, Feed, System, Hazrdous AreasdynaBLEND™ dilutes, mixes and thoroughly activates emulsion, dispersion and solution polymers including new high molecular weight products.

Choice of mechanical or water force mixing.

dynaBLEND™ systems achieve effective and reliable polymer activation and blending through the use of the patented motorized Gatlin distribution head for low flow applications or the patented dynaBLEND™ hydrodynamic mixing chamber for high flow applications. dynaBLEND™ is simple, automatic and provides better mixing and a higher degree of activation than similar machines. dynaBLEND™ is easy to operate and maintain.

*Designed for use in Class 1, Division 1, Group C and D Hazardous Area. May be used in the headworks building of municipal waste treatment plants, generally a Class 1, Division 2 area.


• Patented Gatlin Mixer (mechanical mixing only)

– Provides maximum activation; degree of activation not affected by fluctuating water pressure

– Eliminates the need for costly booster pumps

– Contains no blades to damage fragile polymer chains.

• Mechanical mixing units available from 60 to 1200 gph dilute solutions.

dynaBLEND, Liquid, Polymer, Blend, Feed, System, Hazrdous Areas• Water force units available from 300 to 21000 gph dilute solutions.

• Concentrations from 0.1% to 2.0%.

• Easy access to all components.

• REMOTE – OFF – LOCAL control and light.

• Automatic shut-down and local alarm lights for loss of dilution water and motor overload.

• Manual or automatic models. Automatic units adjust polymer pump flow rate by pacing the speed of the polymer pump to an external 4-20mA signal.

• Power: 120 VAC, single phase; 1500 VA load.

The dynaBLEND™ Hydrodynamic mixing chamber is described in the dynaBLEND® brochure.

dynaBLEND, Liquid, Polymer, Blend, Feed, System, Hazrdous AreasGatlin Distribution Head

The patented, motorized Gatlin distribution head hydraulically segments polymer into ultra thin film platelets maximizing the polymer surface area exposed to dilution water, providing maximum activation. Degree of activation is not affected by fluctuating water pressures or dilution water ratio changes.

How It Works

The Gatlin provides a rapid, high energy initial introduction of polymer to water followed by gentle, low shear mixing in a multi-stage static mixer. The rotating, slotted head operates at close tolerance to the inner wall of the mixing chamber. The clearance does not permit fish-eyes or gels to form. The slotted rotor creates a series of high velocity vortexes without the use of turbine blades which can damage fragile polymer chains.

Superior performance proven repeatedly in side-by-side tests with other blending machines.

How to Size and Select

1. Determine the amount of neat polymer required. This will determine the pump size

2. Determine the correct dilution ratio at which the polymer is to be used. This will determine the dynaBLEND® model.

Example: 2.5 gph of liquid polymer is required. The desired application rate is a 0.5% solution (200:1 dilution). Therefore, a pump 2.5 gph or greater is required. The dilution water requirement is (200 x 2.5) 500 gph.


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