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Wall/Panel Mount pH/ORP Analyzer
- alpha-CON2000 From Eutech Instruments

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Wall,Mount,pH,ORP,Analyzer,alpha-CON2000,Eutech,Instrumentsalpha-CON2000 Wall Mount/Panel Mount pH/ORP Analyzer

  • Seven ranges in a single controller allows the controller to be used in a wide variety of applications with the maximum range at 1000 mS/cm

  • User-Customization through Advanced Setup Menu offers flexibility in matching the controller's functions to suit individual's specific requirement

  • Choice of 4-cell or 2-cell electrode system

  • Programmable for On/Off, Proportional, or PI (Proportional Integral Control) - ideal for most demanding precision process control applications

  • Backlit Display offers reading in low-light conditions

  • Universal Power Supply Input from 85 to 250 VAC/DC allows use at multiple sites and withstands voltage fluctuations

  • Two Galvanically Isolated Scaleable 0-20/4-20 mA Outputs for Conductivity and temperature

  • Wash Contact Relay controls electrodes cleaning systems at desired duration and frequency

  • Adjustable Hysteresis (Dead Band) prevents rapid contact switching near set point

  • Non-Volatile Memory retains all stored parameters and calibration data even if power fails

  • Large Dual Display shows measurement with temperature simultaneously - features clear multiple icons, set points, and status messages

  • Choice of Temperature Sensor Pt100/Pt1000 with 2-wire or 3-wire temperature input selection

  • Easy Installation and Wiring with detachable plug-in connectors

  • Panel-mounted version is also available

Wall,Mount,pH,ORP,Analyzer,alpha-CON2000,Eutech,Instruments E-Brochure

Wall,Mount,pH,ORP,Analyzer,alpha-CON2000,Eutech,Instruments Instruction Manual


General: Use for virtually any batch or online applications where rapid, accurate control. Great for OEM/system integrator.

Industrial: Use in applications involving agriculture, chemical processing, boiler and water heaters, wafer-fab, microprocessor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper industries, and bleach manufacturing.

Water Purification/Treatment: Use to treat batches of incoming process water, ultrapure water, boiler and feed water control.

Regulatory: Hook to recorder to document data for regulatory compliance.


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