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Wall Mount pH/ORP Controller - alpha-pH2000D
From Eutech Instruments

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alpha-pH2000D Wall Mount pH/ORP Controller

Wall,Mount,pH,ORP,Controller,alpha-pH2000D,Eutech,InstrumentsEutech Instruments’ Differential pH/ORP Measurement Technology consists of the alpha pH 2000D controller and a pH/ORP differential electrode. Unlike conventional combination electrodes, the differential electrode is designed for more durability in harsh industrial environments such as wastewater treatment. The unique electrode design prevents fouling of the reference electrode system. The salt bridge and reference solution is replaceable hence providing greater reliability, better accuracy and a more cost effective measurement system. The alpha pH 2000D controller is custom designed for the differential pH and ORP electrodes - ECFP21A1A1 or ECFR21A1A1.


  • Push-button for calibration and sensor offset adjustment from the keypad.

  • Built-in non-volatile memory to ensure that calibration and other information are not erased if power supply fails.

  • Menu-driven program that simplifies set-up.

  • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC).

  • Manual temperature compensation setting without the ATC probe, with independent setting for calibration and process temperature.

  • Two galvanically isolated current outputs 0/4...20mA.

  • Two switching contacts as set-point relays.

  • 0 to 2000 seconds time delay adjustment on all relays – minimizes false alarms.

  • Separately adjustable high and low set-point hysteresis (dead bands) prevent chattering of relays around the set points.

  • Three control modes: limit controller, P controller and PI controller (P/PI controller as pulse length or pulse frequency).

  • Large dual display LCD for easy reading with clear multiple annunciators, alarm status, operational and error messages.

  • Separate alarm relay that alerts user to set point limits exceeded for a certain time and if the Pt100/Pt1000 or NTC300 thermistor wires are broken or disconnected during the ATC function.

  • Wash relay.

  • Hold function to freeze output current (0/4...20mA) and release control relays.

  • LED indicators signal control activities to visually monitor transmitter status from a distance.

  • Protection against electromagnetic interference.

  • Back lit and UV light protected LC display.

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Wall,Mount,pH,ORP,Controller,alpha-pH2000D,Eutech,Instruments E-Brochure

Wall,Mount,pH,ORP,Controller,alpha-pH2000D,Eutech,Instruments Instruction Manual

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Wall,Mount,pH,ORP,Controller,alpha-pH2000D,Eutech,Instruments Technical Specifications


General: Useful for any batch or on-line type application that requires accurate pH or ORP control.

Water Purification/Treatment: Use for batch and on-line control of incoming process water, rinse water treatment, recirculating system and waste water treatment.

Industrial: Ideal for chemical processing, food processing. aquarium, pharmaceutical, hydroponics and waste control industries.

Hook to recorder to document data for regulatory compliance.


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