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Eutech Instruments Water Quality Analysis Solutions

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Eutech,Instruments,Water,Quality,Analysis,SolutionsEutech Instruments Water Quality Analysis Solutions

Eutech offers a comprehensive range of laboratory and field instruments for electrochemical and photometric water analysis. This includes continuous on-line process instruments for the monitoring and control of pH, Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Redox Potential (ORP), Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Temperature, Ion Concentration Analysis, Chlorine and other water quality parameters. Eutech products range from compact pocket testers and portable meters to research-grade benchtop meters and industrial process controllers packed with advanced user-friendly features.

On-Line Process Controllers & Transmitters/Monitors

Eutech,Instruments,Water,Quality,Analysis,Solutionsalpha-2000D Controller & Transmitter/Analyzer Series

Used in combination with the pH Differential Electrode, the alpha 2000D Controller is advantageous for demanding applications.


Eutech,Instruments,Water,Quality,Analysis,Solutionsalpha-2000 Controller & Transmitter/Analyzer Series

Top-of-the-line alpha Series 2000 1/2 DIN controllers, can be wall-mounted or panel-mounted, are equipped with advanced menu-driven incorporated with a myriad of user-customizable features.


Eutech,Instruments,Water,Quality,Analysis,Solutionsalpha-1000 Controller & Transmitter Series

Advanced menu-driven 1/4 DIN controllers with a myriad of user-customizable features in its powerful SETUP function.



Eutech,Instruments,Water,Quality,Analysis,Solutionsalpha-800 pH/ORP Controller & Transmitter

Economical version of the high-end alpha-1000 series, equipped with user-customizable features like symmetrical mode operation, 2 independent set-points, hold relay and hysteresis protection.


Eutech,Instruments,Water,Quality,Analysis,Solutionsalpha-190 Controller & Transmitter Series

alpha-190 series with improved user interface enables user to gain direct access to calibration mode with CAL key and allows quick set point adjustment with SP1 and SP2.


Eutech,Instruments,Water,Quality,Analysis,Solutionsalpha-200 Controller & Transmitter Series

Economy menu-driven 1/8 DIN controllers with advanced user-friendly features, like user-defined password protection, push-button calibration, etc.


Eutech,Instruments,Water,Quality,Analysis,Solutionsalpha-500 2-wire Transmitter Series
Economy menu-driven 1/4 DIN LCD Transmitter with advanced user-friendly features, like push-button calibration and symmetrical mode operation.


Eutech,Instruments,Water,Quality,Analysis,Solutionsalpha-560 Controllers Series
Economy menu-driven 1/4 DIN LCD Monitors with Limit Control and advanced user-friendly features.


Eutech,Instruments,Water,Quality,Analysis,Solutionsalpha-550 Monitors Series
Economy menu-driven 1/4 DIN Monitors with large backlit LCD for easy-reading in dark ambience. Symmetrical mode of operation allows monitors to be operated in environments with electrical interferences.


Eutech,Instruments,Water,Quality,Analysis,Solutions2-Wire Transmitters
Ideal for measuring at remote points. Safe for use in hazardous environment as it operates on DC source.

2-Wire Transmitters

Eutech,Instruments,Water,Quality,Analysis,SolutionsProcess Electrodes
pH measurement is usually done with the use of a combination electrode. The combination electrode is an electrode system formed by a glass sensing half-cell and an internal reference half-cell. As the reference junction acts as the medium of conductor between the reference electrolyte and the sample to be measured, it must allow free movement of electrons through the junction and into the sample.

pH Differential Electrodes
Eutech,Instruments,Water,Quality,Analysis,SolutionsPortable pH/ORP/Conductivity Meters
Besides custom dual-display LCD, the CyberScan Standard and Waterproof series feature handy electrode holders for easy one-hand operation and built-in meter stands for table top measurements. Other features include AC adaptor, builtin memory of up to 100 data sets for selected models and RS232 communication port to PC with free Data Acquisition Software (DAS).

CyberScan Standard
CyberScan Waterproof

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