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Dosing, Conveying, Control and Disinfection - Lutz-Jesco offers a complete range of products for the treatment and supply of drinking water, bathing water and process water. Continuous further developments and in-house production ensure high quality and the compliance of the products with the high international standards.

Dosing, conveying, control and disinfection are the areas of application of our products, which can be divided into the following product groups:

Dosing PumpsDosing Pumps

At a drip, or “flat out” with maximum flow rate, in tropical temperatures and where possible in really acid environments: Dosing pump requirements are as varied as the possible applications and uses.

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Disinfection SystemsDisinfection Systems

As water consumption increases, the need for water treatment systems focused on recycling becomes more acute.

Lutz-Jesco systems are designed to DIN standards and promise optimum water quality through precisely measured disinfection. We utliize our specialized knowledge and decades of experience to find the best technically and scientifically sound solution for you.

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Dry FeederDry Feeder

Besides equipment for the precise dosing of liquid and gaseous media, Lutz-Jesco offers dry dosing units, along with the related accessories for building a complete dosing installation.

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AODD PumpsAODD Pumps

Lutz-JESCO America's AIRTRAN™ - Air Operated Diaphragm Transfer - pumps are a natural complement to the Lutz-JESCO range of pumps.

Similarities to our existing range of pumps include their simplicity, versatility, and both ease of handling and maintenance.

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Dosing Pump AccessoriesDosing Pump Accessories

Lutz-Jesco offers a complete range of technically mature suction-side and pressure-side accessories for the dosing of fluids. This range is designed for Lutz-Jesco dosing pumps and allows the modular assembly of the components needed for a complete dosing system.

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Measuring & Control EquipmentMeasuring & Control Equipment

In many cases, dosing control measurements are required, for example water values, and uninterrupted transmission of the measurement values. The next requirement is for regulator functions, or controls for the dosing units. Lutz-Jesco has a wide range of equipment to meet these requirements: fittings, sensors, measuring cells, signal amplifiers, signal generators, measuring devices and regulators.

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Chemical Centrifugal PumpsChemical Centrifugal Pumps

Lutz-Jesco centrifugal pumps are specially designed for aggressive media with high flow rates. The wide range of gaskets and materials, and the use of well-proven components, ensure that our products are cost-effective and of high quality.

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Chemical Feed SystemsChemical Feed Systems

As a leading manufacturer in the chemical feed industry, Lutz-JESCO offers comprehensive planning and complete systems for standard applications and customer specific requirements.

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