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Discharge Side Dosing Pump Accessories From Lutz-Jesco

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logoDosing Pump Accessories - On Discharge Side

Between dosing pump and dosing point

Reliability and longevity of the dosing system and all components on the pressure side is ensured by accessories such as the PENTABLOC safety valve, or the FLOWCON for continuous flow rate monitoring.

Electrical Degassing Device AUTOVENTElectrical Degassing Device AUTOVENT

For a perfect dosing result

AUTOVENT is a manually adjustable degassing system for low flow metering pumps. The AUTOVENT allows the pump to be easily vented, thereby preventing system downtime caused by excessive amounts of gas having entered the pump head.

pdf Spec Sheet Degassing Valve.pdf


Flow Meter FLOWCONFlow Meter FLOWCON

For a perfect dosing result

The flow sensor FLOWCON was developed particularly for the monitoring of pulsating flows. Due to its very compact design, it can be mounted directly to the discharge valve of a dosing pump. A reed contact gives a potential free impulse on each stroke of the dosing pump. In combination with the electronic evaluation unit FLOWCON an operator has an effective and exact monitoring system for the liquid behavior in discharge lines at hand.

  • Efficient monitoring of pulsating flows
  • Compact design and high product stability
  • Simple handling
  • Chemical feed ranges between 0.05 and 50 l/h

pdf Flow Meter FLOWCON.pdf
pdf Spec Sheet Flow Meter FLOWCON.pdf


Flow control

The FLOWCON LP 1 flow sensor was specially developed for monitoring oscillating volume flows. Thanks to ist particularly compact design it can be installed directly on a pump's discharge valve. It uses a reed switch to forward flow fluctuations in the line as an electric pulse. Software embedded in the MAGDOS LP is used to analyse the FLOWCON signal. As an alternative, the system can analyse the FLOWCON using an SPS.

  • Efficient monitoring of pulsating volume flows
  • Compact design, highly robust product
  • Easy handling
  • Capacity between 0.36 and 13 l/h
  • Electric analysis using MAGDOS LP or performed externally using SPS

pdf Operating Instructions FLOWCON LP 1.pdf
pdf FLOWCON LP 1.pdf



For a perfect dosing result

FLOWCON TS is a thermoelectronic flow controller for continuous and pulsating flow of dosing pumps. The design of the enclosure allows to control even smallest flow rates of = 0.1 l/h. As FLOWCON TS also works with continuous flow, the flow rate can be monitored directly at the injection point just before the process entry.

pdf FLOWCON TS .pdf


Injection FittingsInjection Fittings

For a perfect dosing result

Injection fittings are used to inject the chemical delivered by the dosing pump into the system to be treated. The injection pipe allows the dosing chemical to be injected into the centre of the piping system, to ensure uniform mixing.

pdf Injection Fittings I/R/A/F.pdf
pdf Injection Fittings S/SAH/SKD.pdf
pdf Spec Sheet Injection Fittings.pdf


Safety valve with 5 functions

The accuracy of diaphragm dosing pumps is affected by the back pressure. In pressureless (open) systems, or systems with excessive pressure the dosing pumps must be protected. Undesired flow rates resulting from siphoning must be avoided. The multifunction valve PENTABLOC has been designed to solve the aforementioned problems.



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