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Lutz-Jesco Gas Detectors - GW404/504 - GW 601 - GW702

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When handling solid, liquid and gaseous chemicals, safety must be given the highest priority. For gas-conveying installations, Lutz-Jesco offers devices that monitor the surrounding air and respond to the slightest traces of gas, in which case they set off an alarm or warning signal, depending on their configuration.

Gas detector GW 404/504Gas detector GW 404/504

Safety all along the line

The gas detectors 404 and 504 are stationary, continuously working control devices to which sensors for the measurement of toxic gases can be connected. The devices stand out for their reliability and the low installation and maintenance work required. It is possible to connect up to 4 different sensors to the amplifiers.

pdf GW404 GW504.pdf
pdf spec Sheet GW404 GW504.pdf

Gas detector GW 601Gas detector GW 601

Safety all along the line

The gas detector GW 601 is a stationary, continuously operating measuring, monitoring and warning system, which finds its use with the application of toxic gases. The gas detector GW 601 consists of two individual components, which function as one unit: the gas monitoring and warning center GWZ 601 and the transmitter CM 601. The latter combines a sensor for chlorine gas and an electronic that amplifies the sensor signals.

pdf GW 601.pdf

Gas detector GW 702Gas detector GW 702

For a perfect dosing result

The GW 702 is Lutz-Jesco’s fourth generation of gas detectors. The progressive development of the semiconductor technology makes for an ever more precise and faster sensor and measurement process. Its very precise measurement range and the use of high-quality sensors for chlorine gas, chlorine dioxide and ozone guarantee a high quality and durability.

  • For use with chlorine gas, chlorine dioxide and ozone
  • Compact wall casing
  • Up to 2 sensors
  • Controlled by a microprocessor
  • 2 freely adjustable limit values of the alarm
  • 3 isolated relay outputs
  • 1 analogue output 0/4...20 mA
  • Digital display
  • Automatic or manual sensor test

pdf O&M GW 702.pdf
pdf Spec Sheet GW 702.pdf


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