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Multi-Channel Water Treatment Controller TOPAX DX From Lutz-Jesco

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Our current products represent many years of experience acquired from several generations of TOPAX controllers. Lutz-Jesco has a wide range of controllers available to meet all kinds of measuring and control requirements, in industry and in the treatment of drinking water and bathing water. Their modular design makes them adaptable and highly compatible with the other measuring and control equipment. As they can be connected directly to all kinds of sensors, there is nothing to prevent comprehensive control and analysis of the dosing process.

Multi-Channel Controller TOPAX DXMulti-Channel Controller TOPAX DX

Important values securely under control

The TOPAX DX is based on the longstanding experience of many generations of TOPAX controllers from Lutz-Jesco. Its modular design makes it an adaptable and a highly compatible partner in measuring and control technology. With the option of connecting it directly to a variety of sensors to measure the water parameters the TOPAX DX fulfils all the needs for optimal water preparation.

  • Measuring free chlorine with potentiostatic, open amperometric or diaphragm covered measuring cell
  • Measuring total chlorine, pH, temperature, Redox and conductivity
  • Display of effective chlorine according to the dissociation curve (depending on pH value and the disposable disinfection capacity)
  • 6 measuring and 8 digital inputs
  • 8 electric outputs 0/4-20 mA to transfer the measuring value or to regulate
  • Up to 4 regulators of free chlorine and pH value control and regulation of the systems to reduce the bonded chlorine and for dosing the brine
  • Electrically isolated in- and outputs
  • Balancing the pH value of the chlorine value
  • Balancing the temperature of the pH value
  • Active regulator intervention through the Redox measurement
  • Control of the flocculants dosing
  • Real-time with timers for autom. control of the ECO-mode, thereby saving energy
  • DIN contact function
  • RS 485 interface (optional) and memory card function
  • Memory card
  • Very easy to operate, guided start up
  • Large display with operator guidance in plain language, a flat, multilingual menu structure and context oriented online help
  • Glass display with integrated keyboard
  • Inbuilt screen writer
  • Log book function that stores all events (calibration data, etc.)
  • Display of the quality of the measuring cells during calibration
  • Validity check during calibration
  • Sensor monitoring
  • Extensive alarm function

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