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Pyxis SP-300 PVDF Pressure Transducer Level Sensor

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LSP-300 PVDF Pressure Transducer Level Sensor

The Pyxis LSP Series are pressure based submersible level sensors offered in 316L (LSP-100), PVC (LSP-200) and PVDF (LSP-300) formats for a variety of liquid level applications. All provide continuous level measurement up to 393-inch (32.8-ft. or 10-meter) with a 4-20 mA analog and Bluetooth digital output. They can be configured via the Pyxis uPyxis® app via mobile phone or PC and record up to 6 months of inventory data for wireless transfer via the app to email. The sensors can be powered by 4 AA Li/SOCl2 batteries or a 24 VDC external power supply. This battery-powered and Bluetooth-enabled level sensor is ideally suited for applications where signal/power wiring may be difficult or unavailable to install. A 1.3-inch OLED display and four push-buttons are also included on the sensor for display and setup. These submersible liquid level sensors are well suited for water, waste water, oil, and chemical tank applications. LSP Series may be installed in top of tank format or with the LSP Series Wall Mounting Bracket for easier visibility.

Pressure Based Level Sensing From Pyxis

LSP-300 PVDF = 0-10 meters (0 to32.8 ft)

Accuracy: 0.15% of reading or 0.5 mm

LSP-300 = Battery powered and/or 24V Power & 4-20mA/RS485 Output

Requires 4-AA LiSOCl2 Batteries (Pyxis P/N 50731)

Installation: 1” MNPT Thread w 2? Reducer and Gland

Wall Mounting Bracket Available

Upload Data via SmartPhone & uPyxis



Pressure Based Level Sensor

  • PVDF Pressure Transducer
  • Battery Powered
  • Mobile Monitoring via uPyxis®

LSP-300 PVDF Pressure Transducer Level Sensor User Manual



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