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Pyxis ST-600 / ST-601 Disinfection Probes

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ST-600 / ST-601 Disinfection Probes

The Pyxis ST-600 inline probe measures the concentration of bleach (sodium hypochlorite). The ST600 probe measures the optical density of the beach solution using a near UV light. The probe has a built-in reference light source and a reference light detector in addition to the main light source and main light detector. The wet part of the probe is a 6-inch long, 7 mm OD Teflon tubing. This configuration ensures long-term stable measurement of the bleach concentration. The ST-600 probe can be connected to any device that accepts an isolated or non-isolated 4-20mA input. Other features of the Pyxis ST-600 probe include:

• The probe can be conveniently connected to the suction or discharge side of the bleach pump tubing with using a union or a quick push-in connector.

• The ST-600 can be calibrated with a PC or smart phone app via a Bluetooth/Wifi adaptor.

• Diagnostic information (probe tubing fouling and failure modes) can be communicated to digital displays via Modbus RTU.

Eliminates Color & Turbidity Interference!

ST600 = % Concentration of Bleach (0-16%)

ST601 = % ClO2 (0-0.35%)

Realtime Measurement

Oxidizer Control Systems

Measure Bleach Strength Accurately

Measure ClO2 Strength Accurately

No Reagents!

4-20mA & Modbus RS485 Connection

Wireless CalibrationSmart Phone or Pyxis SP Units

6 Month Calibration Cycle

Online Algae Detection Technology

Eliminates Color & Turbidity Interference!

EM 500 – Online Chlorophyll-a Detection

EM 400 – Handheld Chlorophyll-a Detection

EM 900 – Handheld Chlorophyll-a + Colorimeter

Measures Living Chlorophyll-a

Ideal For Algae Dynamic Measurement of System

For Alarming or Algaecide Dosing Automation

No Reagents!

4-20mA & Modbus RS485 Connection

Wireless CalibrationSmart Phone or Pyxis SP Units

Probe fouling diagnostics through PC

ST-600 Data Sheet

ST-600 Operation Manual

ST-601 Operation Manual


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