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Pyxis ST525SS Inline Boiler Probe

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ST525SS Inline Boiler Probe

The Pyxis ST-525SS Probe uses high temperature-tolerant and humidity-resistant optical filters. It can be operated under a wide range of ambient conditions without the need of humidity and temperature regulation. With this design the performance of the ST-525SS Probe can be stable and consistent for an extended period time. The Pyxis ST-525SS Probe measures the concentration of fluorescein in water, commonly used as a fluorescent tracer in water treatment applications. The 304-stainless steel body of the ST-525SS Probe makes it ideally suited for applications of monitoring boiler feed-water or boiler blowdown after being properly cooled to near the ambient temperature. The 4-20mA current output from the Probe can be connected to any controller that accepts an isolated or non-isolated 4-20mA input.

The ST-525SS Probe is a smart device. In addition to measuring fluorescence, the ST-525SS Probe has extra photo-electric components that monitor the color and turbidity of the sample water. This extra feature allows automatic color and turbidity compensation to eliminate interference commonly experienced in real-world applications.

The ST-525SS Probe is easy to calibrate using the uPyxis® Mobile or Desktop App. Any standard containing Fluorescein in the range of 10 to 60 ppb can be used for the calibration of the ST-525SST?he standard may also be the water sample itself if the Fluorescein concentration of the sample is measured and validated by a calibrated offline fluorometer. This allows the ST-525SS Probe to be calibrated online without being removed from the system. The uPyxis® App also provides diagnostic information about the ST-525SS Probe such as: Probe fouling, color or turbidity over range, failure modes, etc. This diagnostic information can also be available via Modbus RTU.

Eliminates Color & Turbidity Interference!

ST525SS = Fluorescein (0-60ppb)

304 Stainless Steel

Boiler Feedwater

4-20mA & Modbus RS485 Connection

Wireless Calibration Smart Phone or Pyxis SP Units

Probe fouling diagnostics through PC

ST-525SS User Manual


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