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seepex CO - Control Systems

seepex, CO, Control Systemsseepex control systems are tailored for controlling, regulating and monitoring depending on the respective application.

Standardized modules are available for applications in the area of dosing technology and for protecting pumps, e.g. against overpressure or running dry. In addition, we develop individual control solutions in close dialog with our customers.
We supply individual components of a control as well as complete control cabinets.
In addition to the planning seepex offers a qualified support in the commissioning of processes and control systems.

Advantages and Characteristics

  • Standardized modules

  • Network-compatible compact controllers

  • Development of customised solutions

  • Simple integration into existing systems

  • Competent support with planning and commissioning

FPPU Pressure Control
LC-FPPU Pressure Control
SLCO Dosing Control
LVCL Level Control
PRCL Pressure Control
BGDC Mixing & Dosing Control

seepex, CO, Control SystemsController For Biogas Plants – BGDC
seepex offers a dosing, mixing and conveying system for the processing of fermentation residue and co-ferments specially for the production of biogas. The co-ferments are added to the seepex hopper pump depending on the flow rate of the fermentation residue. An integrated weighing device records the degree of fill of the pump hopper and ensures optimum mixing in connection with the patented, separately driven hopper screw. The substrate is then reliably incorporated into the biogas production process.

  • Visualisation of the process

  • Flow regulation of the fermentation residue

  • Level control in the pump hopper

  • Temperature monitoring of the stators

  • Overpressure protection of the piping

  • Bus link to a higher ranking controller

seepex, CO, Control SystemsLevel Control - LVCL

The seepex level control can be used in various control circuits. The basis is a compact programmable logic controller with integrated display and operating unit. The product level is measured through e.g. ultrasonic. The level is controlled via a PID controller that changes the pump speed as a factor of the level. If the PID controller can no longer keep the level constant within the permissible range due to insufficient or excessive product supply or due to a process fault, the controller will trigger appropriate measures. These prevent damage to the system and stop the entire process in an emergency.

  • Network-compatible display and operating panel, 4-line LCD with integrated CPU

  • 300 kB SRAM, 1024 kB FlashPROM

  • Protection class: Front IP65

  • Supply voltage 24 V DC

  • Dimensions: 120 x 153 x 42.2 mm (W x H x D)

  • Multilingual display

seepex, CO, Control SystemsSludge Conditioning - SLCO

seepex offers a solution tailored for processing sewage sludge and pumping highly dewatered sludge from centrifuges or belt filter presses.

With this method, the dewatered sludge from the dewatering machine is directly routed into the feed hopper of the seepex pump of the BTI series. At the same time, lime is dosed into the pump hopper via an adjustable screw dosing system and mixed into the sludge by the paddle shaft of the integral bridge breaker.

The multi-staged pump then delivers the conditioned sludge to the container, hopper or storage location.

To ensure an efficient and trouble-free operation of the overall plant, important process factors must be monitored and controlled, and fault messages must be evaluated. The seepex SLCO control system was developed for this purpose. The SLCO control system has been implemented based on a PLC (programmable logic controller) combined with a visualization system and comprises the following functions.

  • Visualization of the process

  • Control and monitoring of the sludge level in the pump hopper

  • Lime dosing proportionally to the sludge rate

  • Temperature monitoring of the stator (dry running protection device TSE) and the pressure pipe (increase in

  • temperature due to exothermic reaction of the sludge)

  • Overpressure protection of the piping

  • Pressure-dependent boundary-layer injection into the piping (optional)

seepex, CO, Control SystemsFilter Press Feeding - FPPU

With an increasing layer of solids on the filter cloths of a filter press, the filtration pressure will rise when the conveying capacity of the feeding pumps stays constant. This causes premature compacting of the layer of solids that is very thin at first, and thus to an unfavourable throughput with accordingly long filtration times. The draining rate (dry matter contents) is also affected. For this reason, premature compacting of the layer of solids must be prevented. This is possible by reducing the delivery rate. The filtration pressure can be used as the process dimension for compacting.

Depending on the filtration pressure, the feed rate to the filter press must be reduced appropriately with increasing pressure.

The ratio of conveying capacity to pressure is adjustable within extended limits for the developed controller to be able to adapt to the different dewatering characteristics of the respective products.

A complete filtration cycle is completed when the final pressure that must be set manually has been exceeded.

The seepex FPPU controller controls the filter press process as follows:

  • Pressure-dependent control of the prefeeding and high pressure pump

  • Volume-dependent control of the polymer pump

  • Temperature control of the stator (dry running protection device TSE)

  • Overpressure protection of the piping

It is available in the following two variants.

Variant FPPU: PLC with integrated LC-display. By use of additional modules this control variant can be extended to the feeding of four filter presses. A bus connection to a master PLC is already included in the software. Storage space is available for max. 20 user-specific characteristic filling curves.
Variant LC-FPPU: Solution for networking and parameterizing up to three frequency inverters via CAN bus. Storage space is available for max. 9 user-specific characteristic filling curves.

seepex, CO, Control SystemsCustomized Solution

The development of seepex control systems can also be customised under cost-efficient aspects.

Let us convince you of our flexibility and rely on our years of experience to meet your demands.

After you have contacted us, we will define the control characteristics in a specification sheet together.

On this basis, seepex develops your individual solution and creates the control program with the associated documentation.

Before the controller is delivered, seepex conducts an in-house final inspection. If desired, we will commission the controller on site.


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