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Ultrasonic Sensors from Senix Corporation

Senix ToughSonic® ultrasonic sensors measure level and distance through air using ultrasonic sound waves, often replacing unreliable mechanical devices. They provide high reliability and fast, non-contact measurements at distances up to 50 feet (15.2 meters). Thousands are in use worldwide in many industries in both indoor and outdoor applications.

The Senix ToughSonic and ToughSonic CHEM product lines represent more than 28 years of ultrasonic innovation and engineering. Senix was the first company to introduce computer-controlled ultrasonic sensors in 1990 and we have been making them tougher and smarter ever since. Senix ultrasonic sensors are designed to handle even the most challenging liquid and distance measurement applications and environments. We make them tough and smart and we back them up with outstanding customer service and support.

ToughSonic® General Purpose Ultrasonic Sensors

These rugged, compact ultrasonic sensors inspired the “ToughSonic” name. They are our flagship products. The type 316 stainless steel housings, full epoxy potting, heavy duty electronics, permanently attached cables and ruggedized ultrasonic sensors in stainless steel housingspiezoelectric transducers allow them to operate where lesser sensors wouldn’t stand a chance. Toughsonic sensors can be found on remote monitoring stations from the Australian outback to Alaskan oil fields. They are installed on heavy construction and farm equipment, and in some of the harshest factory environments there are. When an ordinary ultrasonic sensor just won’t hold up, you need a ToughSonic sensor.

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ToughSonic® Chemically Resistant Liquid Level Sensors

ToughSonic® CHEM family ultrasonic sensors are in service around the world in some of the most demanding and corrosive industrial environments. They measure a wide variety of materials including diesel fuel levels in rail locomotives and levels of liquid chemicals in the paper and food processing industries. ToughSonic CHEM sensors are also used in object detection and other non-liquid level applications where corrosive gasses are present.

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ToughSonic® Remote Liquid Level Sensors

ToughSonic® REMOTE liquid level sensors are designed for accuracy and durability in remote monitoring applications. They include the same 316 stainless steel housings, full epoxy potting, UV resistant cables and rugged piezoelectric transducers as our ToughSonic sensors, but with enhanced lightning resistance and reduced energy consumption. These digital ultrasonic sensors are designed for years of trouble free operation in harsh outdoor environments.

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SenixVIEW Ultrasonic Sensor Software

SenixVIEW ultrasonic sensor configuration and analysis software is included with every ToughSonic product we make. It gives you total control over the operation of your ToughSonic sensors. You can calibrate and optimize your sensor, display data and verify performance, all with a few keystrokes.

Many Senix customers simply install their ultrasonic sensors, turn them on and never think about them again. But if you need to make a minor adjustment or even completely change the operation of your sensors, SenixVIEW gives you the power to do it quickly and easily..

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AirWire® Local LoRa Technology

Need to know how much diesel fuel is in the tank, how high the water level is under the bridge, or whether the chicken feed will last longer than the chickens? Senix ToughSonic Level Sensors can now get these answers to your desk or mobile device quickly, safely and inexpensively using the emerging LoRa spread-spectrum wireless technology.

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Displays and Process Meter Accessories

Access to level information or your tanks or dimensional data in your process line is easy with these displays. Compact and powerful, they can recalculate sensor data into meaningful units, such as gallons or percent full, and use those units to control other processes. Choose serial or analog inputs, and one or two line displays.

Serial displays can monitor a single sensor or up to 32 sensors in a network using any ToughSonic RS-485 sensor model. Displays can also attach and “snoop” the network to mirror readings at multiple locations or to display particular sensor values. Relays, alarms, and isolated analog outputs offer additional process control options.

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