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Turtle Tough Zn-ORP Zinc ORP Sensor

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Turtle Tough Zn-ORP Zinc ORP Sensor

The TT-Zn-ORP Zinc ORP Sensor has more than 10 years history of providing unparalleled performance in Zinc leaching processes.

Zinc is leached using sulphuric acid, which dissolves the zinc content and leaves the iron and lead precipitates undissolved. However, the process can be inefficient if there aren’t adequate process controls in place, and can lead to lower grade products. Sensors will often drift significantly, and there is constant attack on the ORP elements from the dissolved zinc complexes. In conjunction with one of our major clients, we developed an ORP element that resists attack from these zinc complexes, which both improves sensor lifetime and greatly reduced sensor drift.

Additional sulphide resistance has been added to all components and by increasing the physical strength of the body this sensor can also be used in in high velocity, high solid content slurries where other sensors will easily break. The improved accuracy and stability of this sensor has proved itself in improving zinc yields, while the increased sensor lifetime will reduce labour costs and total cost of ownership.

Due to the high resistance qualities of this sensor it is only available in our digital smart sensor technology.

Digital Smart Sensor Technology (DSST)

This sensor is available with our digital smart sensor technology. This plug and play sensor has a quick connect fitting, eliminating the need for hard wiring to the analyser. On-board sensor memory allows the storage of calibration data, analyser configurations and sensor service history. This allows the sensor to be conveniently maintained and calibrated off-site or in the laboratory and pre-programmed with calibration data and analyser configurations. This stored information automatically uploads to the analyser upon connection and eliminates the need for any interaction with the analyser, greatly simplifying the change-out of sensors. A service log stored on the sensors is ideal for maintenance and quality assurance records.

  • 6m cable
  • RADEL with ¾“ Front End – 1” Back End MNPT
  • -5°C to 105°C
  • Triple Junction
  • Zinc Ion Resistant
  • Slurry Resistant
  • Acid/Fluoride Resistant
  • Ammonia, Chlorine & Sulphide Resistant
  • High Capacity KYNAR Reference
  • Digital smart sensor technology (optional)
        - No hard wiring – plug-n-play connectivity
        - Sensor stores calibration data, analyser configuration and sensor history
        - Hot-swap for quick sensor change-out
        - No interaction with analyser – sensor data auto uploads

ORP Sensor for Zinc Datasheet

Turtle Tough - pH/ORP Manual

ORP Sensor Configuration Guide

pH/ORP Sensor Shipping Manual


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