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GP-X Digital Extreme pH Sensor

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GP-X Digital Extreme pH Sensor

The GP-X Digital Extreme is quite simply our most extreme pH sensor!

The GP-X Digital extreme comes standard with ALL our advanced options including high impact break resistant glass, ultra high temperature, dissolved gas and volatile organic solvent resistant, high HF acid resistant, brine and extreme dehydration resistance.

The sensor is equipped with fast response temperature compensation as standard to guarantee high calibration accuracy. The Ultra thick RADEL body is extreme in both its chemical and physical resistance. An oversized KYNAR reference provides massive chemical resistance as well as extreme dehydration resistant properties. Utilising our most advanced, proprietary break resistance glass the sensor is ideal for slurries and ultra-abrasive media as well as being capable of resisting acids or fluorides that may chemically attack the glass. For operators who are prone to bashing the sensor against hard surfaces or breaking the glass during vigorous cleaning or maintenance regimes, the ULTRA TOUGH break resistant glass is standard feature you must have.

Arguably one of the most significant advantages of the GP-X Digital Extreme pH Sensor is that it is only available in our digital smart sensor. Our digital sensors have many advantages including:

  • Integrated smart digital board stores calibrations & transmitter configurations in the sensor
  • NEMA 6P Quick disconnect Corrosion Resistant Connector (no wiring required)
  • Up to 600 meters noise insensitive digital cable
  • True plug and play sensor with automatic loading of calibration values for hot-swap
  • Calibrate conveniently in lab or workshop and install quick-disconnect sensor in the field
  • Advanced auto read algorithm for reproducible & operator independent calibrations
  • Automatic recognition of 4.00, 6.86 , 7.00, 9.18 & 10.00 NIST traceable pH buffers with built-in correction for temperature induced changes to pH buffer value
  • Reliable readings in acidic or alkaline range with 1-point, 2-point or 3-point calibrations
  • Calibrate with sophisticated Windows software or any TT-MA pH Analyser
  • Entire transmitter configuration can be downloaded to sensor or uploaded from sensor to intelligent TT-MA Analyser
  • Stores last five offset (1-point), slope (2-point & 3-point) and temperature calibrations

The Turtle Tough GP-X Digital Extreme pH Sensor is ideal for applications such as industrial autoclaves, ammonium nitrate plants, sugar refining and extraction. Any measurement where aggressive chemical cleaning is needed to remove fouling or low maintenance operation is required with minimal cleaning and recalibration

Not suitable for use in low conductivity, steam sterilization or steam type processes.

Digital Smart Sensor Technology (DSST)

This sensor is available with our digital smart sensor technology. This plug and play sensor has a quick connect fitting, eliminating the need for hard wiring to the analyser. Onboard sensor memory allows the storage of calibration data, analyser configurations and sensor service history. This allows the sensor to be conveniently maintained and calibrated off-site or in the laboratory and pre-programmed with calibration data and analyser configurations. This stored information automatically uploads to the analyser upon connection and eliminates the need for any interaction with the analyser, greatly simplifying the change-out of sensors. A service log stored on the sensors is ideal for maintenance and quality assurance records.

  • 6m cable, up to 600m optional.
  • 1” x 1-1/4” MNPT, RADEL Body
  • -5°C to 150°C (Optional 180°C)
  • Fast response TC for accurate calibration
  • Acid/Fluoride Resistant
  • Ammonia, Chlorine and Sulphide Gas Resistant
  • Slurry (High Abrasion) Resistant
  • Triple Junction KYNAR Reference
  • Submersible Water proofing & Cable Sealing
  • Extreme Dehydration
  • Ultra Tough Break Resistant Glass
  • Digital smart sensor technology (optional)
        - No hard wiring – plug-n-play connectivity
        - Sensor stores calibration data, analyser configuration and sensor history
        - Hot-swap for quick sensor change-out
        - No interaction with analyser – sensor data auto uploads

GP-X Digital Extreme pH Sensor Datasheet
Turtle Tough - pH/ORP Manual
ph/ORP Sensor Shipping Manual


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