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Turtle Tough FR-ORP Fisher Rosemount Compatible ORP Sensor

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Turtle Tough FR-ORP Fisher Rosemount Compatible ORP Sensor

The TT-FR-ORP Fisher Rosemount Compatible ORP Sensor is without doubt our most supplied sensor. In the early years of Turtle Tough when we didn't have our own analyser hardware we forged our reputation on building tough ORP sensors to mate up with Fisher Rosemount Analysers. Rosemount Analysers are legendary and rightly so as they've built a reputation as having some of the best hardware in the industry. Rosemount analysers such as the 1056, 1181, 2081, 3081, 5081, XMT's (just to mention a few) supported some of our toughest features which few other vendors could. As a result, some of the most resilient sensors we've designed are compatible with Rosemount hardware, and virtually all our application specific sensors can be designed to interface with these analysers.

Our replacement OEM sensor for the Rosemount product is designed as an affordable all-rounder and can be special ordered with nearly any option. The standard double junction sensor is sulphide resistant and can be special ordered in triple junction. The affordable and highly chemical resistant RYTON body plastic is standard, however for added physical strength and abrasion resistant RADEL can be optioned. This OEM replacement is not simply a substitute. It will outlast and outperform the OEM product several times over. 20 years of evidence guarantees it.

The standard sensor is without preamplifier and supports a 6 meter cable run. For greater distances the sensor can be fitted with an integral preamplifier that supports cable runs of up 100 meters. With or without preamplifier, tinned leads are supplied in the OEM wiring conventions for easy connectivity to any analyser.

Extreme dehydration, slurry/abrasion resistance, high HF are all options supported by preamplifier versions of this sensor.

The result is a sensor that will in all cases will outperform the OEM because of our application specific approach to improved sensor performance. There are many good reasons why some of the biggest names in the industry are using a Turtle Tough sensor on a Rosemount Analyser, but the main reason is reliability and a lower cost of ownership.

  • 6m cable
  • RYTON with ¾” Front End – 1” Back End MNPT
  • -5°C to 105°C
  • Immersion or Submersible (optional)
  • Double Junction
  • Acid/Fluoride Resistant
  • Ammonia, Chlorine and Sulphide Gas Resistant
  • High Capacity KYNAR Reference
  • Proprietary toughened glass
  • Options:
        - High Impact, Solvent Resistant, Extreme Dehydration
        - Integrated pre-amplifier required for certain models

Rosemount Compatible ORP Sensor Datasheet

Turtle Tough - pH/ORP Manual

ORP Sensor Configuration Guide

pH/ORP Sensor Shipping Manual


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